Playing with numbers: 10 logo designs you can count on

Most people will agree that good design features good typography. While it’s easy to focus on the ABCs, lets not forget about the 123s.

Whether you spell them out or use the digit itself, numbers can add a whole new dimension to your logo designs.

These designers prove designing with numbers can be as easy as 1, 2, 3.

R. One Creative logo by sign²in

The clean lines and pinch of color create a modern twist on the classic crest and banner design. Combined with a clever typographical mix in the negative space, this design is sure to be one you won’t soon forget.

2 Brothers BBQ logo by d!

This sizzling logo design features a pair of two analogous colors – red and orange. The sweet and tangy color pairing create the perfect backdrop so the company name pops.

Batch 3 Brewing logo by jasonlaz

As the old saying goes – three times the charm, or in this case, three batch the charm. Orange, white and gray is a serious mix done right in this fun emblem design with number three taking center stage.

Crossfit Four Points logo by t.d

Working out and getting fit can be such a drag but your design doesn’t have to be. The geometric and organic shapes are well defined by the four shades of blue in this whimsical design.

Five Hammers logo by cia design™

This clever five star design exudes strength and power. From the bold red color choice to the distressed texture, this design packs a serious punch.

Six Nations Legacy Consortium logo by sugarose

The use of positive and negative space are strong and on target. The bears walking in the foreground and the radiating sun the background create a majestic and nostalgic scene.

Cinch 7 logo by hudhud™

Sometimes if you’re lucky, designing can be a cinch. No need to stress over the details. Take note and keep things simple and minimalistic with a hint of color.

8-bit Owl, LLC logo by coin!


Despite being only 8-bits, this 2D owl design is full of charm and character. From the strategic use of shadow to the seamless gradation of color, this design is just pixel perfect.

Loft 9 Design logo by cinnamoon



Every good design starts with the initial sketch. The hand drawn details and the heavy use of whitespace set the tone for great designs in progress.

“The Ten” logo by babakonda™

X marks the spot with this strikingly bold design. The clean type choice makes this design a perfect ten.

How do you play with numbers in your designs? Please share.

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Jessica Kwok
Jessica Kwok

Jessica is a member of the Community Team at 99designs. She has a B.S in Textiles & Clothing and a minor in Psychology from UC Davis. When she's not in the office, you can find her exploring her hometown of San Francisco.

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