Photography logos are a special breed. They need to embody the creativity behind the craft, while staying simple and adaptable enough to serve as a watermark for photos.

It’s easy to fall into the usual tropes… boring serif initials, a shutter used as the letter “O”, a camera as the logo icon – but we believe you can do better. Photographers are like any other business, with unique personalities and interesting niches that should shine through.

Here, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite photography logos from the 99designs community. Browse through these clever designs and get those creative juices flowing!

Richard Skins Photography
LA Kids Photography
Hudson River Photography
More Pikzz Fotografie
The Mou Studio
Black Art Tintype Photography
Anna Lischetzki Food Photography
Scrapbooks Photobooth
Ricky Patel Photography
Pixel Pyramid
Trulight Photography
Emma Brittenden Photography
Darren and Jade Photography

Featured image: Mario Calvo (via Unsplash)