I stumbled across Steven Boucher’s Monster drawings a couple of years ago and for a while I got to tune in every day to see him create a new and thrilling creation:

See the full set of videos at The Daily Monster

While I suspect a huge part of the entertainment value of this was just watching the process itself – it’s addictive, trust me – the other part of it is that mysterious attraction we have to all things monster. From Kanye West songs to UglyDolls, to zombie TV shows and vampire stories, regardless of our culture or location, we’re all completely enthralled with the mystery that is monster.

And designers are no exception. When given a design challenge involving a monster, we’re not bound by a subject that has to appear real. Our monsters can take any form we think up.

Check out some of the magical monsters imagined by the designers at 99designs:

Giant Digital logo

Logo: djredsky

Huge Monster Inc & Filmworks/FX


Logos: nicokoren (left); dialfredo (right)

Deathreads & Ten Buck Tees t-shirt designs

Illustrations: ZoelHenry (left); Paganus (right)

Tequila Bruja

Bottle label: Morzsamx

A Breach of Silence t-shirt & Proper Brew Pub logo


T-shirt designs: _Trickster_(left); pmo (right)

Release the Kraken!

Kraken logo: Radical Ed

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