14 mouthwatering menu designs

We’ve recently launched a new menu design category and, to celebrate, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite cocktail and restaurant menus to wet your creative appetite.

Menu design can be an impressive feat, requiring designers to carefully lay out an immense amount of text in ways that are easily digestible to the reader. How to emphasize different menu offerings? Or call out separate courses? What kind of personality does the restaurant have?

From amiable illustrations to careful, clean typography – here’s 14 menus that tackle those challenges with success.

Tiki’s Grill & Bar


Designer: frankie_cadillac
Contest: Create a fresh exciting Tiki’s Grill & Bar Children’s Menu

Castleton Grill


Designer: C.K. Designs
Contest: Castleton Grill menu design/layout

Down the Hatch


Designer: jarwoeee
Contest: Create a capturing menu design for new rustic restaurant in Maui, Hawaii!

Eddie Rocks


Designer: .:al0ha:.
Contest: Nightclub requires new cocktail menu

The Art of Bubble Tea


Designer: KatarinaK
Contest: Design a menu for a cool new bubble tea brand!

Green Press


Designer: Luz Viera
Contest: Trifold Menu – Juice & Salad Bar

Cocktails and Shooters


Designer: CLCreative
Contest: Cocktail Menu

6° Coffee House & Eatery


Designer: Elena S.
Contest: Create an artful menu for coffee house & eatery

Chalkboard wall


Designer: Koauila
Contest: chalkboard wall for a restaurant.

A16 Rockridge restaurant


Designer: media7
Contest: Create the menu design for A16 Rockridge Restaurant



Contest: Create a Menu Design for a Lakefront Seafood Restaurant

Libanais Lebanese Restaurant


Designer: Lkumar85
Contest: Menu Design

Swiss salad bar


Designer: M.alejandra
Contest: Infographic for a trendy salad bar in Switzerland

Feeling inspired? Enter a menu design contest here!

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Kelsey Bryant
Kelsey Bryant

Kelsey is 99designs' Designer Marketing Manager. Born and raised in a small town in Connecticut, she moved to San Francisco in 2009 with a degree in Strategic Communications from Elon University. When she’s not working with the designer community, you can find her exploring the city, taking weekend road trips, and soaking up that California sunshine.


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