Here’s a mega dose of gig poster inspiration

Alex Bigman

Sometimes a heap of design inspiration just falls right into your lap. This happened to us when we stumbled across Flatstock 35 in Chicago – almost 50 tents showcasing some of the most awesome design works we’ve ever seen: gig posters.

How did we not think to explore this niche sooner?

Well, to make up for lost time we’ve put together a jumbo-sized roundup of the best we saw.

Musicians commission graphic designers to make these posters, typically to be sold at concerts and the designers tend to have almost complete freedom in their approach. The designs range from digital minimalism to ultra-detailed illustration. The amount of creativity is staggering. Enjoy!


Left: Arcade Fire; Right: The National

Casey Burns

Left: Bon Iver; Right: Case Burns

Sean Mort

Left: Fleet Foxes; Right: Friendly Fires

Alex Todaro

Left: Kurt Vile & The Violators; Right: Show ‘N Tell Show

Adam Hanson

Left: The XX; Right: Battles

The Bubble Process (left) & Doublenaut (right)

Left: Vampire Weekend; Right: NXNE


Left: Kraftwerk; Right: Yeasayer,

The Bird Machine

Left to right: Hum, Stereogum and James Murphy,


Left: Caribou; Right: Cold Cave

La-La Land

Left: Pulp; Right: The Pixies


Left: The Cloak Ox; Right: Phish

Mike Budai

Left: NXNE; Right: Tyvek

Delicious Design League

Left: Santigold; Right: Walk the Moon

Will Ruocco (left) and Shawn Knight (right)

Left: Ray LaMontagne; Right: Danzig Legacy

Vahalla Studios

Left: The Pixies and Cults,

The Bungaloo

Left: Eric Church; Right: The Black Keys

Any other gig posters you’d like to share?

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Alex Bigman
Alex Bigman

Alex contributes from New York City on topics ranging from branding and typography to the history of design.

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