Celebrate the International Day of Peace with these iconic posters


It can be estimated that in more than 3,400 years of documented history, there has been roughly less than 300 years of world peace. The International Day of Peace was instituted by the UN in 1982 as a world-wide dedication to non-violence, cease-fires and peace. Today, we celebrate it annually on September 21st as a day to strengthen our ideals of peace on both a personal and global level.

Art and design have long been used as a compelling universal language to critique and inspire the world in ways that words can not. So, to commemorate this year’s International Day of Peace, we’ve pulled together 10 powerful posters in honor of world peace.

Luba Lukova
shepard fairey
shigeo fukuda
jean carlu
Peter Max Peace Sign
Vilen Karakaschev

Know of any other posters that are perfect for the International Day of Peace? Share them in the comments below!

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