10 grayscale designs to inspire you on a rainy day


With Spring comes gray skies and rainy days. These overcast moments offer sunshine-craving designers a good excuse to stay inside and work on the computer. In embrace of the rainy day mood, here are 10 grayscale designs that use the lack of color to an advantage!

Calendar by Team Karoshi

Brazil 2014 World Cup calendar (print and website): Team Karoshi

Essem Design Website by Bedow

Essem Design, website: Bedow

More han Human Poster Design by Bedow

More Than Human, poster design: Bedow

Typographic Poster by Mayuscula woven paper

Typographic woven paper poster: Mayuscula

Space Division Identity Inhouse Designs

Space Division, identity: Inhouse Designs

Klaus Identity by Blok Design

Kaus, identity: Blok Design

Identity One Million Domain Names by Bedow

One Million Domain Names, identity: Bedow

Solo Los Personajes Cambian Catalog by Blok

Solo Los Personajes Cambian, catalog design: Blok Design

Par by Blok Design

Par, book design: Blok Design

IKEA Packaging by Stockholm Design Lab

IKEA Skarpsill, packaging: Stockholm Design Lab

Hopefully these examples will inspire some somber and introspective designs as the clouds slowly pass overhead!

Have any examples to add? Comment below!

Cover: Kaus identity, Blok Design

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