Google has a new birthday suit

Alex Bigman

What’s chock full of primary colors and distinctively beveled? Not Google’s logo – at least it may not be anymore.

In conjunction with its fifteenth anniversary (happy birthday, by the way; we know you’re listening), the search engine giant has been trickling out a modified version of its prior design. This new one has more muted colors, some slight typeface tweaks (the “e” is now endowed with a full cross bar) and – surprise! – it’s flat.


Google’s newly unveiled logo design is flat and has more muted colors

This is first logo design alteration that Google has made in three years, and it comes on the tails of similar redesigns by its competitor search engines, Yahoo! and Bing. (No word about an makeover … yet).


After a month-long PR campaign featuring 30 new logo possibilities, Yahoo! revealed this official one (top) to replace its well-known previous mark (bottom)


Microsoft-owned Bing’s new logo (top) falls in line with the company’s overall branding scheme. The old design (bottom) will be phased out soon

Now, how about a brief jaunt down Google memory lane?

google 2

Logo 2010 – 2013


Logo 1999 – 2010


Logo 1998 – 1999


Original logo

What do you think of Google’s new birthday suit?

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