Everyone loves to cheer on their favorite sports team and it’s even more fun when they have a fierce logo to represent.

In the competitive spirit of the Olympics just around the corner, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite sports team logos, both on and off-site. Let the games begin!

Sports logos from professional teams

After starting with a more realistic design, the Philadelphia Eagles later opted for this edgy bald eagle with bold, block letters outlined nicely with their team colors.

Similarly, but with a little more cartoon feel, the Miami Dolphins‘ logo features an aqua and coral illustration of a dolphin donning a football helmet.

The best part of both logos? Check out the mascots’ game faces! Grr.

Left: Philadelphia Eagles logo, 1996-present; Right: Miami Dolphins logo, 1997-present

Soccer teams tend to favor crest-based logos, as demonstrated by FC Barcelona and Los Angeles Galaxy club team logos.

Barca’s defining elements have remained consistent in its slew of logos over the years — the St. George cross (upper left) and the flag of Catalon (upper right). The team colors, blue and red, are featured at the bottom making this a distinguishable mark for a dominant sports organization.

Left: FC Barcelona logo; Right: LA Galaxy logo

Sports logos from 99designers

Drumroll please… now it’s time for some of our favorite sports logos created right here on 99designs!

99designers jagpot and BennyT give these teams an original look with these mascot-based logos. With the perfect combo of function and personality, these designs are enough to scare off any opponent.

Left: Barbary Coast Lacrosse team logo by jagpot; Right: St. Louis River Dogs baseball team logo by BennyT

Designers O D G and intrepidguppy combine bold, crisp typefaces with conceptual graphics to create a pristine look for both the local San Francisco soccer team and the children’s hockey team Arizona Heat.

Left: San Francisco Black Sox logo by O D G; Right: Arizona Heat logo by intrepidguppy

What’s your favorite sports logo? Please share below!