We ♥ Milton Glaser: A brief history of an iconic artist

Alex Bigman

A few weeks ago, we looked at one of the most influential graphic designers of the 20th century, Saul Bass. The next graphic design hero in our series, Milton Glaser, gives Bass a run for his money. This is the man behind I NY, after all.

Glaser was born in 1929, to a Hungarian Jewish family in New York. He studied art there and later in Bologna, Italy. Over the course of his amazing career, Glaser helped found three graphic design firms as well as New York Magazine, whose logo he also designed.

His design work has flourished in both the pre-digital and digital era. Today, just as influential as ever, Glaser boasts clients including Target, Coach, Jet Blue, Trump, Juilliard and Brooklyn Brewery.

He appears to be unstoppable.

Here is an impressive selection of the logos, posters, book covers, album covers and packaging labels with a Glaser signature. You’ll probably notice some interesting trends in Glaser’s distinctively bold design solutions.

For a more complete picture, peruse his website.


What is your favorite Milton Glaser design? Share it in the comments!

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