Design, in Holi color

The skies may still be grey in much of the world, but this Friday lots of folks will return home caked in pigment spanning the whole color spectrum, and that tells us that Spring is on the horizon. More specifically, it tells us that Holi is here—the Hindu celebration of the coming season and a festival of color.

In honor of the holiday, we thought we’d put together a little roundup. There are just so many designs out there that make use of elegant, understated use of color. Those will not be included here. Rather, this week what we’re looking for are designs that dive headlong into the visual spectrum, spraying prismatic glory all over a website, product package or whatever the item may be. Happy Holi!

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.21.55 PM

Web design for One Wave

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.52.41 PM

Product packaging for Waldo Trommler Paints

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.28.52 PM

Web design for WinShape Camps


Packaging design for Tcho Chocolate

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.36.32 PM

Web design for Andrew McCarthy


Product Packaging by Farm Design

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.41.22 PM

Web design for Cook


Packaging design for Absolut Vodka

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.46.36 PM

Web design for F91W


Truck wrap design for Veuve Clicquot

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.40.04 PM

Web design for Triplagent

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.52.09 PM

Packaging design for Toscatti

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.43.19 PM

Web design for Macaw

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 11.15.09 PM

Editorial design for Pitchfork

Have any other colorful designs to share? Celebrate Holi in the comments!

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Alex Bigman
Alex Bigman

Alex contributes from New York City on topics ranging from branding and typography to the history of design.

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