The growing world of brilliant craft beer design

Alex Bigman

Beer. This ancient beverage has undergone a true revolution in recent years. With smaller, artisan companies and “microbreweries” popping up all over the globe, the days of Budweiser being the “King of Beers” are long gone, and its simple script typography design is too.

Just as craft beer explores new, more experimental flavors, it has opened up an amazing niche for vivid and off-beat packaging design.

The following selection of craft beer designs is sure to inspire you to grab a pen (and maybe a drink).

Craft beer design: 21st Amendment

Many small breweries, such as 21st Amendment Brewery in San Francisco (above), have embraced the idea that the complex craftsmanship of their beer should be matched by an equally complex craftsmanship of design. The result: beautiful, finely illustrated packaging that also manages to carry the tone and personality of the company.

The enchanting design for Australian brewer White Rabbit (below) could work as well between the pages of a book as it does on a beer label.

Craft beer design: White Rabbit Brewery

This winning design by Stefaaan is another awesome example of detailed illustration:

On the opposite side of the spectrum, some companies have embraced an elegant minimalism in their design. Take a look at these 3 pared-down labels:

Craft beer design

From left to right:

  1. A concept label naming beer’s four necessary ingredients, this design speaks to the clean, organic nature of the product with its simplicity of design
  2. The stylish typography of Kudos beer takes the product away from the typically masculine territory, into a cool gender-neutral zone
  3. This unusually shaped label for Work beer takes the form of a thin, angular strip recalling an assembly line or tool kit, and a back label modeled after an old-fashioned hourly punch card. “For a job well done.”

In a similar vein, this design by kreative kreature suggests a clean, back-to-basics sensibility and the following design by has a funky, old-time feel:

kreative kreature

In between these extremes, there are more styles than we could possibly count. The Soviet poster style of Bear Republic Brewery is a bold example of masculine appeal, and the Jaguar Pale Ale label for Cerveceria Hacienda is a more tranquil but equally eye-catching alternative:

Bear Republic

On the subject of animal-based beer labels, this design for Wheat Monkey by ukreeduk is pretty excellent, too:

Seen any other craft beer designs lately? Share your favorites in the comments!

Featured image: He Said She Said (via 21st Amendment)

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