Color me not: 10 designs in black and white

Obsidian, onyx, ebony and charcoal. Ivory, egg shell, alabaster and parchment. What do these words have in common? They’re all fancy expressions for black and white. Designs that utilize an achromatic color palette often mix the strength and boldness of black with the simplicity and elegance of white.

From business cards to product labels, these 10 black and white designs show that opposites do attract.

Melt: BBQ and sandwiches logo by steamrocket

The clean line and abstract flame give this sandwich joint enough charm to ‘melt’ restaurant goers everywhere, while the distressed charcoal background give this modern day eatery enough wear and tear for an aged and timeless appeal.

Eco-Farms Pty Ltd. product label by 1302

The brilliant white space of the label captures your attention while the piercing black olives zero in your focus. The only issue with three spectacular labels – which one to choose?

Vintage Ave logo by predragorn

Dust off those cobwebs! This collection of basic black lines and clean graphic elements give vintage collectables a modern update.

Modern Basics logo by kto

Modern, basic and to the point. This no nonsense logo has minimal details but maximum impact in black or white.

Sociality business card by pecas

The absence of color is powerful and striking, yet appropriate for the powerful message of this socially responsible company.

Courabyra Wines label by zagraph

A modern take on the classic seal – stark whitespace with dark hairline details. This wine label not only has a modern contemporary feel but also shelf appeal.

The Morris Law Firm P.C. logo by vitamin

This design successfully employs a high contrast color palette to reinforce the strength and power of a charging steam engine.

Bella Boconni logo by tykw

A rich velvet backdrop (with a pinch of color) makes the perfect complement for a design that exudes elegance, sophistication and decadence.

Jessica Allen Photography logo by reyalejandro

The high contrast color palette help to showcase the fine abstract details without detracting attention away from the other photographic elements, like the the artist’s name.

Papi Queso logo by scribe

No color needed for this playful mix of traditional and contemporary fonts brilliantly juxtaposed on a pearlescent background – a modern twist on a classic color combination. It makes me ‘streatery’ just thinking about it.

Do you have favorite black and white designs? Please share!

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Jessica Kwok
Jessica Kwok

Jessica is a member of the Community Team at 99designs. She has a B.S in Textiles & Clothing and a minor in Psychology from UC Davis. When she's not in the office, you can find her exploring her hometown of San Francisco.

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