10 coffee-themed designs brewed to perfection

Here at 99designs, we love coffee.

From a foamy espresso to an iced chocolate latte, we can’t resist a good ol’ brew.

In honor of our love for coffee, here’s a roundup of some of the most stimulating coffee inspired designs.

Baker Coffee Co. Logo by black eight

Foam it up with this simple cup and saucer design. A coffee bean is cleverly disguised in the liquid contents of the cup.

Quokka Coffee Website Design by bound

Clean typography and the minimal use of color helps to showcase the delectable imagery in this tantalizing website design. You can almost taste the sweet vanilla foam or smell the freshly roasted beans – if only a cup of their finest brew was a click away.

Lula’s Coffee Co. Logo by kirpi

This stylized font and loveable mascot make the perfect blend. You’ll want to monkey around at this fun and quirky coffee spot.

Aclove Café & Deli Logo by batterybunny

Did someone forget to use a coaster? A stained ring of coffee paired with a clean modern font is sure to have coffee patrons thirsty for more.

Hey Coffee Guy Website Design by hypestudio™

The textured background and subtle details using complementary colors creates excitement and harmony — we couldn’t ask for more.

Jetty Lane Coffee Co. Packaging Design by jacobparr

This striking packaging design exemplifies a strong cup of black coffee with a drop of cream and a splash of honey – a robust blend good to the very last drop.

Analog Coffee Logo by thelogolounge

In need of a mid-day jolt? Keep your circuits running with this typographically charged logo design.

Red Star Coffee Packaging Design by pooca

Wake up and smell the whitespace. This clean minimal design is 100% pure, organic, Arabica goodness.

Foundry Coffee Company Logo by creta

This fiery design broke the mold with its strong and formidable typographical choice and molten pop of color.

City Brew Coffee Packaging Design by x-design

Dark, medium or light? The elegant ribbon and metallic outline create a sense of cohesion for each distinct flavor while the subtle mountain backdrop unifies a trio sure to satisfy your every mood and preference.

What are your favorite coffee inspired designs? Please share!

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Jessica Kwok
Jessica Kwok

Jessica is a member of the Community Team at 99designs. She has a B.S in Textiles & Clothing and a minor in Psychology from UC Davis. When she's not in the office, you can find her exploring her hometown of San Francisco.


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