One year ago, we started offering the Logo & Website package with Jimdo. Since then, we’ve had a blast working with our friends at Jimdo to provide customers with beautifully designed websites.

Today, there are more than 1,200 certified Logo & Web designers on 99designs and thousands of contests have already been completed. Want to see what these designers have created so far? Here are nine of our favorites so far.

1. Dotty About Ice Cream

Dotty About Ice Cream

How could you not love Dotty About Ice Cream’s charming website? This site uses the Prague template and does a great job at showing the brand’s personality without going overboard.

When you think of ice cream you think of a fun, sweet, and a special treat! The website exudes the same feeling with an eye-catching logo, trimmed border around the photos, and cute color scheme that matches the colors of the ice cream truck.

2. MindMap


This website for a therapy center in Washington DC is professional, straightforward, and modern—without being boring. The designer chose the Osaka template to create this organized site.

The navigation bar is chic and simple, it also includes sub-navigation to take visitors straight to the information they’re looking for. The site also uses professional yet playful icons to demonstrate the services that MindMap offers.

3. RunFast Apparel

RunFast Apparel

RunFast Apparel sells custom running apparel to help you win that marathon! The site uses the Malaga template, which allows for a large hero image at the top and a clear and easy to read navigation bar.

The designer did a great job of matching the site’s design to the color and style of the logo. By leaving white space, customers are able to easily view the product without any distractions. We also love the custom icons.

4. Dash Consulting

Dash Consulting

When you’re a consulting business like Dash you want your website to be trustworthy and professional. The designer of this site created a sleek website using the Rome template. One of the biggest obstacles in creating a site for a business that doesn’t have a lot of visuals—unlike a restaurant or blogger—is finding the right images for your site.

This designer found awesome and interesting images to make the site more visually appealing without adding cheesy or irrelevant stock photos.

5. Bob Casneuf

Bob Casneuf

We love this stylish website for landscape architect Bob Casneuf. The designer chose the Rio de Janeiro template to show off large photos of the architect’s work. The background image rotates so the visitor is able to see multiple photos and examples. The logo is simple yet clever.

The designer chose to cut off the bottom of the text to make it look as if the text is sitting on top of a hill—playing on the fact that this business works with landscape.

6. Typical Green

Typical Green

By now you’ve seen that some of the best logos incorporate a hidden message. In this logo for juice company Typical Green, the shapes and colors form an apple. The client provided the designer with amazing product photos which help make this website look bold and exciting. It also uses the Rome template which is a great option for a business site.

7. UISCE Travel

UISCE Travel

UISCE provides unique and authentic tours of the beautiful country of Ireland. You can even go on a Game of Thrones tour and see where they’ve filmed some of the scenes from the show. The designer chose the Malaga template for this site and presents the content according to the Cone Principle. There’s a bold hero image at the top and as you scroll down you see more and more content.

8. Be Dubai

Be Dubai

After you plan your trip through UISCE to Ireland, head on over to Be Dubai to plan your trip to Dubai. The designer included a slideshow of images on the homepage to share multiple views of the beautiful city.

The designer also created an elegant footer to the website that includes all the contact information without cluttering the rest of the site, including social media follow buttons. This site uses the popular Zurich template, which is known for its versatility.

9. Kaplan Pediatrics

Kaplan Pediatrics

Kaplan Pediatrics is a playful yet professional site for pediatric doctors in Plano, Texas. The designer chose the Amsterdam template, which was a great choice for its righthand sidebar. The sidebar includes the hours of operation, contact information, map of the location, and social share buttons. This right sidebar shows up on every single page of the site so it is always easy for a visitor to find the most important information.

This article was originally written by Melissa Myers for Jimdo.