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Branding is crucial to any company looking to stand out – and it goes far beyond creating a great logo. From business cards and stationary to social media, a brand’s identity needs to transcend across all forms of collateral and come off feeling just as strong.

Signature colors, unique icons, mascots and eye-catching patterns are just a few tricks up designers’ sleeves. But perfectly pairing those brand elements with a logo is where the real skills come in.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite recent brand identity designs to help inspire your next project. Enjoy!

By pixelshifter
Vape Point Shop & Bar
By coin!
By Eastwood Studio ™
VoCo Fresh Farms
By Project 4
mesa mexican grill
By nnorth
Bistro Urbain
By guppyfish
Viori branding
By L&N
The Chocolate House branding
By CogitoDesigns
Donut Byte Labs
By KidDotCo
Run Bikes
By yulianzone
Richard Skins
By goopanic

Have you seen a great brand identity design recently? Share it in the comments!

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Kelsey Bryant
Kelsey Bryant

Kelsey is 99designs' Designer Marketing Manager. Born and raised in a small town in Connecticut, she moved to San Francisco in 2009 with a degree in Strategic Communications from Elon University. When she’s not working with the designer community, you can find her exploring the city, taking weekend road trips, and soaking up that California sunshine.

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