Book cover design isn’t easy. It requires a designer to capture the essence of a story in a single combination of words and images – then present it in a way that’s going to make that book stand out from any others on a shelf. Everyone knows that, despite what we’re told, we definitely judge books by their covers.

Here are nine of 99designs’ best book cover designers, in no particular order.



A long-time member of 99designs, this Croatian designer has made a career crafting book covers with eye-catching illustrations and clever typography.

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Jake Clark

book cover designs
book cover design by jake clark

Jake Clark, based in the United States, is a Top Level designer who thrives on making illustrative book cover designs. His styles are vast and customized to each book’s individualized needs.

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book cover design by line41
book cover design by line14

If you’re looking for that “classic” book cover, look no further than this Philippines designer. Memoirs, self-help books and non-fiction are line14’s bread and butter.

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book cover by Llywellyn
book cover design by Llywellyn

United States-based designer LLywellyn is an avid reader and full-time professional editor who’s become smitten with book cover design in her downtime.

Learn more about LLywellyn in our recent interview or view more of her portfolio here.

Martis Lupis

martis lupus book covers
martis lupus book cover

Martis Lupus has conquered her fair share of contests on 99designs with her distinct style. While she admittedly is most passionate about identity design and packaging, her book covers are equally inspiring.

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book cover design by paganus
book cover design by paganus

Searching for a great fantasy book cover designer? Look no further than Serbian designer Paganus. With more than a decades worth of professional experience, it’s no surprise his wildly creative illustrations have captured the hearts of fantasy authors everywhere.

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Soheil Toosi

book cover design by soheil toosi
book cover design by soheil toosi

Soheil Toosi’s dark illustrations have found their home on fantasy and thriller books since 2012 on 99designs. The United States designer’s painterly style makes his covers uniquely appealing.

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book cover designs by vanessanoheart
book cover designs by vanessanoheart

Vanessanoheart specializes in all things print, with a special knack for creating compelling book covers. Based in the United States, she thrives on clean and modern design.

Learn more about vanessonoheart in our interview and see her full portfolio here.

Pulp ART

book cover design by pulp art

Clearly drawing inspiration from Saul Bass’ Hitchcock posters, Pulp ART has developed a bold and vibrant book cover style. Based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, he began his creative career in 2006 with a special affinity for all things graphic design and music.

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