Black friday flyer roundup


Black Friday flyers aren’t always the prettiest designs, but someone designed them nonetheless. For a day that’s heavily saturated with this type of collateral, it’s important for these designs to deliver compelling (and converting) messages fast on and offline.

Here is a look at ten interesting Black Friday flyers that stand out from the rest!

1. Zara


Zara put a spin on the often black flyers of black friday by not only changing “black” to “blacker” but by adding a spash of green as well.

2. Fashion Rogue


Fashion Rogue found a way to keep their brand colors while still capturing “black” by only gray-scaling the photographic content of the ad.

3. Fresh Doodle


On the more humorous side of Black Friday poster design, Fresh Doodle illustrated Dr. Gero from Dragonball Z, with the ad info inside a Dragonball.

4. Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth


Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth captured “black” by using the font Blackout.

5. Harbor Freight


What black friday design list would be complete without a crazy catalog ad? While probably not the intent of Harbor Freight’s designer, the density of information creates a borderline artistic collage appearance from a distance that is actually aesthetically attractive.

6. Parachute Factory


On the refined side is this anti-Black-Friday flyer design inspired by the Russian Constructivist style.

7. British Customs


British Customs puts a twist on the concept by setting “Black Friday” in white instead of black.

8. East Side Distilling


A simple concept turning bottles into a christmas tree lets this East Side Distilling ad make its point.

9. ATP Trucks


This ATP Trucks ad, while somewhat cheesy, certainly captures “black” in an effective way. As if to say that this Friday is black as space!

10. Kate Spade

kat spade

This Kate Spade ad succeeds in making an elegant take on Black Friday, using a subtle pallette of black, pink, and dark pink.

Have any more Black Friday design examples to add? Comment below!

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