If there’s one thing that people are passionate about, it’s their morning coffee. We know this: people who love coffee have strong feelings about the coffee they drink and where it comes from. Brand loyalty is very strong not only for the types of beans people brew, but also for the roasters and cafes that they buy from.

If you’re a coffee roaster or cafe starting out, your logo is a great way to give a first impression of your brand. Your logo should tell your story as well as speak to the kind of clientele you’re looking to attract. As you approach a design concept, consider the visual theme of your logo. It might be iconic, a character or “mascot,” text-based, or maybe something more abstract.

Since we love our coffee almost as much as we love logo design, we did some inventory on coffee shop logos. Take a look at these logo trends and what they say about the companies’ brands and personalities.

1. Be iconic

Left to Right: Left Coast, Haywire Coffee Roasters

You would probably recognize that green Starbucks woman anywhere, right? The most current incarnation of that logo doesn’t even include the words “Starbucks” or “coffee” anywhere, but you know exactly what it signals. You might not be aiming to be the next Starbucks, but your logo can still be memorable and iconic.

Whether your brand is a local coffee house in the heart of a small community, a growing chain that’s looking to branch out across a wider geographic region, or even a coffee roaster that sells coffee online or in stores without brick-and-mortar coffeehouses, creating an image that tells the customer who you are can keep that coffee drinker coming back for more.

In the images above, the graphic element is the centerpiece of the logo. In each of these circumstances, the text could be removed altogether and a familiar coffee drinker would still recognize the brand.

2. Find a mascot that fits your brand

coffee logos
Left to Right: Fro & Beans; The Salty Dog

Like the iconic images above, there’s something about these logos that’s memorable without having to use words. Whether it’s an endearing puppy or a hand-drawn face, a character or “mascot” will be something that a customer will remember. It creates a narrative that engages your customers – and keeps them coming back for more.

3. Go vintage with a logo badge

coffee shop badge logo
Left to Right: Crema Coffee Club, Citron

There is a reason so many well-known logos are circular—Target,Pepsi, Mercedes-Benz, Arm & Hammer, Burger King and GE, just to name a few—we bet you can picture those images without even trying. They’re emblematic, and they give the feeling of strength, organization and stability.

Additionally, they project the image of a united community. These brands have established loyalty and are some of the most recognizable in the world. As a coffee roaster, you want to be recognized in your community, and evoking strength and unity is huge when it comes to strong community ties.

4. Keep it simple with a wordmark

coffee shop logo
Left to Right: Good Vibes, Yay Coffee

As the title suggests, these logos use only text as the graphic element. These are simple to design and they translate easily across types of media, which can be helpful especially if you’re an online seller.

But make no mistake… just because they are text-based does not make them boring. Rather, they can be visually fun and create a lot of movement. The typeface and design you choose for your text says a lot about the business. Each of the text-based logos below has a very distinct feel and message.

5. Be authentic to your brand

coffee shop logos
Left to Right: Dan’s Coffee, Conflict Coffee

If none of the styles above suit your taste, it may be time to think outside the box and to create something that fits your unique brand. Really, nothing about your business has to fit a specific mold. Just like the coffees you roast, your logo can be distinct, unique and flavorful.

Some coffee roasters are finding success with geometric shapes or literal imagery that matches their names or the décor of the shops, but your designers can help you find the theme that best suits your brand. Have fun with it – after all, if you’ve started a business, it can be anything you dream it to be.


Do you have a favorite coffee shop logo? Or, do you have ideas rolling around in your head, but you’re not sure how to execute them? The first step is to define the personality of your coffee brand.

If you’re one of those people who grab coffee on the go and carries the cup around all morning, think about a logo that would please your eye as you go through your morning routine. Coffee jolts the senses – your logo should do the same!

Featured image: Ed Gregory (via Stokpic.com)