June is National Adopt-A-Cat Month, which inspired us to highlight some of our favorite winning designs featuring the cuddly (yet cunning) creatures. After looking through hundreds of contests – our customers really seem to like cats – we deduced that cats send a number of branding messages, from simply being aesthetically pleasing, friendly fluff-balls to serving as symbols of a laid-back, relaxed and whimsical lifestyle. Here are 9 great designs – yep, one for each of a cat’s lives! – that run the gamut from retail logo design to app design to infographic design to illustration.

A logo design for cutesy retail store Nazo No Neko, named after the shop owner’s pet and meaning “mystery cat” in Japanese:


Design by haditahir

The owner of Buddha Kat Winery told designers in her logo design contest that her two siamese cats were her inspiration – and teachers of patience and serenity:

logo (1)

Design by GREYdesigns


This super-hip mascot logo for a chartered catamaran in the Caribbean embodies a super-chill lifestyle:


Design by RetroSquid


A cupcake company founder – aptly named Kat – wanted a playful logo that’s as sweet as her products:


Design by arsenix


One creative couple sought a wedding logo that personified a cat and an otter enjoying the festivities:


Design by xinzii


Some cat owners think their pets are so awesome they should have their very own illustrations:


Design by BATHI*


A welcoming logo for a Mexican veterinarian designed to put even the most anxious pet owner at ease:


Design by KA!


The creative founders of Oh Kitty! ran both logo and app design contests – snap a pic of your cat and customize it with a variety of backgrounds and accessories!


Designs by fly_high and AK82


And last but not least, My Pet Superstore sought an entertaining infographic:

image description

Design by Vladanland


If you’re interested in saving a cat and adding a precious new member to your family, check out these links!