21 musically-inspired designs from 99designers

There’s not a lot that gets people excited more than their favorite songs — especially before a weekend. Here at 99designs for example, we like to usher in each Friday by celebrating with the classic Phil Collins (it’s Phil Collins Phriday, y’all):

In this spirit of jamming, we’re ready to share the tune-tastic designs we’ve been seeing on the site for ages now. Everything from logos to merchandise to album packaging to tattoos, which we couldn’t resist showing you any longer. Get pumped with us and head into your weekend by perusing this list of musically-inspired designs from 99:

Logo design by -RZA-


Tattoo design by Giulio Rossi


Illustration by Fathair


Web design by Sharp.Designs


T-shirt design by ♦♦FRANTIC♦♦


Album packaging design by vanessanoheart


Logo design by N81


T-shirt design by cereal killer

cereal killer

Logo design by hattori


Icon design by nelutu


Poster design by DataFox


Logo design by steve hai

Steve Hai

Logo design by Lazar Bogicevic

Lazar Bogicevic

Logo design by davidwaschk


Logo design by SimpleSimonDesign


Logo design by muszaj


Album cover design by Justwoomass


Poster design by Paul107


Album cover by Rishabh A


Illustration by MattDyckStudios


Album cover design by vabriél™


Want to see even more delightfully sonic designs? Check out our brand new pinboard Music design at 99!

Applaud your fellow designers below!

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Kaitlyn Ellison
Kaitlyn Ellison

Kaitlyn is part of the Community Team at 99designs.com. She grew up in Boulder, CO and went to school at Northwestern University in Chicago. When she's not blogging, she spends her time having adventures and being generally creative. She's all about having new experiences as often as possible!

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