You dug through designs, looked through logos and picked through posters—all to nominate the greatest artwork from the past year.

You voted for your favorites. Now, we’ve got your winners. Find out who won the 2017 99awards!

But let’s not forget our incredible nominees:

  1. Best 1-to-1 project
  2. Best supporting design
  3. Most surprising design
  4. Most out-there design
  5. Best use of color
  6. Most creative use of typography
  7. Best layout
  8. Best throwback design
  9. Best line art design
  10. Best incorporation of custom illustration
  11. Best design in a new industry
  12. Most epic design

1. Best 1-to-1 project

99designs is more than just contests. Let’s celebrate the amazing work happening behind the scenes when designers and customers collaborate in 1-to-1 Projects.

Business card by Mad pepper
Labels by MANTSA®
Logo by Dusan Klepic
Interior rendor by MirkoAndricDesign™
T-shirt design by BATHI
Vehicle wrap by GOOSEBUMPS

2. Best supporting design

These nominees may not have won the contest, but they still win a prize in our hearts. Here are the designs we think deserve a second shot.

Logo by goopanic
Concept art by WhiteEchoes
App design by MegaOptimus
Branding by Tmas
Playing cards by Cykique

3. Most surprising design

Which designs pushed the limits of what our designer community can do and what our customers can dream up? The nominees below are pleasantly surprising.

Shoe liner packaging by Tomas Miliauskas
Menu and marketing piece by PenelopeD
Backpack by Evans Design
Sound & Ambience System shell by Aquarellina
Branded macarons by Henrylim
Wood-burned countertop by Tizar Berandalan

4. Most out-there design

Design doesn’t always have to be so serious. Here are six nominees sure to put a smile on your face.

T-shirt design by VectorArtist
Skateboard by BRTHR-ED
Logo by dalajlampa
Logo by Sam!
Mascots by oketoon
Mascot by Denys Lobanov

5. Best use of color


These designs pop with bold and beautiful colors. Which one caught your eye?

Packaging by syakuro
Labels by Khramova
Packaging by Holiday26
Identity by PKusuma
Book cover by BINATANG
Packaging by rali_

6. Most creative use of typography

There’s more than one way to get a message across. These designs used typography in an artful and innovative way.

Pillow design by Design Artistree
Poster by Bramanto Setyaki
T-shirt by diwaz
T-shirt by deadkid0018
Poster by ArdieAquino
T-shirt by stevenmink

7. Best layout

These designs went beyond the grid, showcasing a deep understanding of how to curate content in a beautiful and interesting way.

Social media banners by nevergohungry
Brochure folder by Bella”
Annual report by Designer Amrita
PowerPoint by Katie Rhead
Infographic by Luz Viera
Web design by e-grafico

8. Best throwback design

These nostalgic nominees drew their inspiration from vintage and retro trends.

Album art by Sergey Gudz
Logo by Wintrygrey
Logo by Sign²in
Logo by El maestro
Logo by EARCH
Logo by pswizzard

9. Best line art design

Everyone’s in love with the minimal line art trend. Here are six of our favorites.

Logo by :: scott ::
Logo by SpoonLancer
Logo by trinitiff
Logo by sanjar
Logo by shaka88
Logo by thisisremedy

10. Best incorporation of custom illustration

This award celebrates designers who craft their own custom illustrations in lieu of stock.

Waterbottle wrap by Dudeowl
Book cover by glasshopperart
T-shirt by B.L.D.N*
Guide cover by gOrange
Book cover by Artrocity
Poster by ilustreishon

11. Best design in a new industry

We’ve seen a lot of new company trends and emerging industries this year. Here are six nominees we found especially exciting.

Cyclist airbag website by Igor Vensko
Adult coloring book page by JhaJhas
Parametric furniture banner ads by Kuz:Design
Logo by meadow
Subscription service logo by Savanamm
E-liquid packaging by Emir Alicic

12. Most epic design

These nominees made our jaw drop due to their advanced techniques. Which one wows you the most?

Identity by Milakat
3D illustration by Erick Flores
Book cover by B&J
Illustration by RVST®
Album art by Piere d’Arterie
App design by Akira X3

Thanks to everyone that participated in the 2017 99awards! See the full list of winners here.