15 fitness designs that will inspire you to keep that resolution + design contest giveaway

Update: We’re pleased to announce the winner of our design contest giveaway! We’d like to thank everyone who applied – it’s great to see so many awesome fitness-related businesses out there and it definitely made for a tough decision.

Kellie Davis from Get Glutes is going home with the prize and will soon launch a contest! Get Glutes provides online workouts for site members, with exercise tutorials, instructional videos, articles and ask the coach sessions. Kellie let us know that her New Year’s resolution was to get her website up and running, so we feel that a brand new logo – the current one is designed using PowerPoint – will help to keep up momentum. Congratulations!

While we try to stay in shape with daily group pushup sessions here at 99designs, some of us are all too aware that we haven’t quite stuck to the loftier New Year’s fitness resolutions we made a scant two months ago. But it’s not too late! For a dose of inspiration, we went in search of fantastic fitness-related designs.

As a bonus to our readers, we’re giving away one or more free contest to fitness-related companies in need of a new logo or t-shirt design! You’ll find application details at the bottom of this post, so read on.

The customers highlighted below with their new motifs include a kickboxing studio, a mobile app for workout newbies, a pole dancing center, a gym for the superhero within, a collection of CrossFit affiliated gyms, and many other sweet sweat-inducing businesses who help ordinary folks like us take it to the next level.

amazona fitness

Winning design by IllestRatedDesign; you can check out Amazona Fitness Club’s logo design contest here.


Winning design by Ranooshka; you can check out Unleashed Fitness’s logo design contest here.


Winning design by Zyndrome; you can check out Gracie Morumbi’s t-shirt design contest here.

PumpUp App

Winning design by inok june; you can check out PumpUp’s icon and character design contest here.

Radical fit

Winning design by doojke; you can check out Radical Fit’s logo design contest here.

fitness website

Winning design by alfredms; you can check out Begin Fitness’s website design contest here.

carolina fitness

Winning design by Ovaly; you can check out Carolina Fitness Network’s logo design contest here.

Push Hard

Winning design by RedLogo ; you can check out Push Hard Multisport’s logo and business card design contest here.

urban fitness

Winning design by Vineri13; you can check out The Urban Fitness Club’s icon design contest here.

Bonus: Get (cross) fit!

We couldn’t help but notice the recent surge in design contests for CrossFit, Inc.affiliated gyms, or “boxes” as they’re known by insiders. According to CrossFit, its conditioning program is “constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement” that incorporates a multitude of athletic moves into a different workout every day. According to the CrossFit aficionados at 99designs, it’s an intense, addictive sweat-session with the power to transform the body and mind. We were so impressed by the variety of CrossFit designs our customers have sourced we thought we’d showcase one for every day of the week. (You’ll note there are five…everyone needs the occasional weekend off!)

CrossFit Seattle

Winning design by ozonestyle; you can check out Level 4 CrossFit Seattle’s icon design contest here.


Winning design by dlight; you can check out CrossFit Mousetrap’s logo design contest here.


Winning design by BApril_Design; you can check out CrossFit Port Saint Lucie’s flyer design contest here.


Winning design by aNkas™; you can check out CrossFitt San Jose’s logo design contest here.

factory built

Winning design by » GALAXY @rt ® «; you can check out CrossFitt Fast Factory’s t-shirt design contest here.

So what do you say? Ready to put down the remote and step into action? Are there other types of design roundups you’d like to see in the Customer Blog? Share your thoughts!

And, as we mentioned above, we’re giving away one or more contests to fitness-related businesses in need of a new logo or t-shirt design! To be considered, please complete this short application form by Friday, March 8th. Curious to know what the contest process is like? Check out some contests in action!

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