15 ampersands in action

We recently published an article to “Get to know your ampersands“. Since then, we’ve been seeing them everywhere! And there’s certainly no shortage of ampersands inspiring us on 99designs.

So here are some of our picks from the best ampersand usage in a logo design, courtesy of the design community.

The Spoke & Bird

GagaSnaga - Ampersands in action

Designer: GagaSnaga
Contest: Design the logo for “The Spoke & Bird” cafe

Vincent & Victoria Baking Co.

DSKY - Ampersands in action

Designer: DSKY
Contest: logo for Vincent & Victoria Baking Co.

Sutton & Pop

rl X - Ampersands in action

Designer: rl X
Contest: Create a Unique & Modern Logo for Sutton & Pop – a Lifestyle Brand

Matson & Ridley


Designer: Chichindesign
Contest: Create a logo that offers classic stylish adventure in africa and save elephants

Beau & Nash

Designer: Vika Nova
Contest: Logo for online fashion, accessories and lifestyle brand

Sailor & Company


Designer: C@ryn
Contest: Create the next logo for Sailor and Company Photography

Fur & Collar

Cross the Lime

Designer: Cross the Lime
Contest: Create the next logo for Fur and Collar

Phil & Pino


Designer: Hermeneutic ®
Contest: Phil&Pino benötigt ein Logo

Bulk & Bunches

Project 4

Designer: Project 4
Contest: design a logo for a retailer in the natural foods industry

Millie & Meek


Designer: ✿ Annmary ✿
Contest: Help Millie & Meek Floral Studio with a new logo

Brimmer & Heeltap

Jason LRS

Designer: Jason LRS
Contest: New logo wanted for Brimmer & Heeltap

Eddu & Dell


Designer: AnaLogo
Contest: Modern, sophisticated logo needed for a new culinary business

Rustic & Company


Designer: Sign²in
Contest: Vintage Logo Design

Board & Branch

GT Graphics

Designer: GT Graphics
Contest: Create a Logo for Board & Branch

Tape & Twine


Designer: green in blue
Contest: Create a Bold Logo for Boutique Packaging / Craft Company!

Do you know any other amazing ampersand designs? Show us in the comments!

The author

Kaitlyn Ellison
Kaitlyn Ellison

Kaitlyn is part of the Community Team at 99designs.com. She grew up in Boulder, CO and went to school at Northwestern University in Chicago. When she's not blogging, she spends her time having adventures and being generally creative. She's all about having new experiences as often as possible!


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