We thought design was about pretty colors. And awesome fonts. And clever logos.

Boy, we were wrong. Looking back at the last 10 years, we’ve realized that it’s actually about people and how they relate, collaborate and support each other.

Turns out, design is all about connection. Here are 10 incredible ways we’ve seen design connect people from all over the world.


Design connects us to the one who finally “gets it”

Is it mind reading? Maybe.
We don’t know how they do it, but the perfect designer has the power to turn creative chaos into pure genius.


I kept that energy going by working with my winning designer. The results were gorgeous.”
- Ivana Taylor

Ivana Taylor found designer MNKINKO and loved her new logo. She continued that working relationship when she needed branded social media assets.

We knew we’d need ongoing design support…
- 2920 Sleep

and when working with Scott he seemed to know exactly what I meant –and then he’d create something even better. That’s when we realized we were going to use him for everything.”

Our Pro team matched 2920 Sleep with :: scott :: who became their go-to designer for everything from postcards to web pages for their mattress startup.


Design connects us to causes that matter

Design doesn’t just look good—it does good. 99designs has donated over $200,000 in design services to 600 nonprofits that serve communities everywhere.



The number of visitors who have seen an exhibit I designed is unbelievable: 2.8 million in two years!”
- Trogled

In 2015, designer Trogled started an Exhibit Design Contest with the Paly Foundation. Since then, she’s completed over 160 1-to-1 Projects, and her exhibits can be seen in museums, zoos and aquariums across the US.



Design connects us to limitless creative potential

Why settle for a single creative when you’ve got the entire world at your fingertips? Since day one, Design Contests have put the spark of an idea into the brilliant minds of many.

(and get $10 off your Contest!)

Look at my Contests. Each one has a story.”
- Philip from Distrokid

Philip has used 99designs since 2008. He created logos, landing pages and company swag to launch Distrokid, a digital music distribution service that has helped over 150,000 artists.

When it came to developing my own brand, I didn’t really think of any other options.”
- Matthew Dellavedova

Australian NBA superstar Matthew Dellavedova collaborated with our global design community to create a personal logo and brand for his skyrocketing sports career.



Design connects us to talent that helps us grow our business, too.

Sometimes the 99d crew needs internal design goodness. When we do, we know just where to look.

Design by goopanic


I love helping people move forward and fulfill their dreams by creating modern and meaningful brands for them.”
- goopanic

For the past four years, designer goopanic has helped design logos and branding for dozens of businesses worldwide. We tapped his skills when we needed a look for our “99stories” coffee table book.



Design connects us to professional freedom

Quit your day job and upgrade your life. Design lets you do what you love to do—100 percent of the time.


It’s a great feeling to know that the designs I’ve made serve my clients well—all around on the world.”
- Wintrygrey

Wintrygrey has carved out a career in the food and beverage design space with over 50 1-to-1 Projects.

It’s surreal to think someone on the other side of the planet is interacting with something I designed.”
- CalmSpark

Designer CalmSpark paid his way through college by working on 99designs. Since graduating, he’s become a full-time UI/UX designer.

From that point everything changed. I work from home with amazing clients doing what I love most: illustration and design.”
- frankie_cadillac

Illustrator frankie_cadillac left his day job to become a full-time freelancer on 99designs where he gets to work on projects that inspire him.



Design connects us to actual friends (that’s real friends in real life).

On the screen or IRL. We’ve seen design build relationships that last.

Designers bylaura and Bloobyrd Art


99designs doesn’t just celebrate the world of design, but also brings like-minded people together. Meetups are the best way to build that sense of belonging and family.”
- Bloobyrd Art

Designer Bloobyrd Art became fast friends with fellow designer bylaura when they planned the first 99designs meetup ever organized by two women.



Design connects us when things gotta get done—now

Agencies need amazing design ASAP. Guess what? We’ve got designers in every time zone ready to deliver great design right when they need it.


The team at Cosmic People


Diversity makes us brighter. We’d like to have the whole world as our creative department, and 99designs is just the way to do that.”
- Cosmic People

The team at Cosmic People, an all-star design agency, has partnered with 99designs Pro on over 75 1-to-1 Projects for the world’s hottest tech, travel and automobile brands.



Design connects us to help when we need it most

In trouble? The design community’s got your back.

Puerto Rico-based designer Steven Cruz


Surprised. Unexpected. Grateful. The design community gave me the determination to keep moving forward.”
- Steven Cruz

In September 2017, Hurricane Irma left Puerto Rico-based designer Steven Cruz without power and unable to deliver work to his clients. While he was bracing to get hit a second time by Hurricane Maria, our designer community fundraised online and flew him to friends in New Jersey so he could keep working.



Design connects us to happily ever after

A creative collaboration can become a lifetime of togetherness. That’s right. Design can even lead to “I do.”

Designers Projkovski and Ladydart


At first we were just 99designs colleagues. Now we’re married, and we just welcomed our son, Konstantin.”
- Projkovski and Ladydart

Designers Projkovski and Ladydart ran into each other at their first 99designs meetup. They were married five years later.



Design connects us to everything

All the stuff that matters. Ideas. Products. Culture. People. Design connects us to it all.


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And even more connections are on their way

We’re celebrating 10 years of bringing people together through the power of design—but we’re not done yet.
In 2018 and beyond, we’re making it easier than ever for people all over the world to build working design relationships online.