In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s all too easy to get lost in the noise. So how can you ensure that your brand stands out? And how can you increase the odds that each first-time customer will turn into a repeat business for your company? While there are certainly no guarantees, there are a few simple steps you can take to dramatically increase your odds of success. Here we’ll take a look at a few ways on how to develop brand recognition.


1. Highlight your unique virtues

Nobody understands your skill set better than you do. Take a careful look not only at the things you have done, but at the things you can and want to do. What attributes set your brand apart from your nearest competitors? Is it your tech savvy? Your speed and efficiency? Your ability to bring talented people together? Whatever your greatest and most unique asset, make it apparent in your brand. For example, if your main advantage is quick turnaround, your brand logo and tagline should reflect speed. If your strength is communication, then emphasize interconnectedness in each feature of your brand.

2. Grab viewer interest

The first interaction between your brand and your prospective client is your logo. Make it a strong one — one that is bold, communicative of your strengths, and easily recognizable. Remember also that a successful logo must be adaptable to all formats, from business cards to web page to mobile device. Take some time to get it right. Also be sure that your website is attractive, professional and easily navigable. Successful branding is all about making the customer experience a pleasant one, so any technical barriers to client inquiries or purchases are only serving to chase away business.

3. Broaden your online presence

Look at the brands (both inside and outside your field) that you notice most. Chances are they’re doing something right. A successful online brand has a broad profile — including social media. Facebook, Twitter and industry blogs are great places to attract and interact with prospective clients. The three most important words in broadening your online presence may be, “Follow us on…” Make sure it’s easy for prospective clients to find you, follow you and interact with you. The more seamless their experience, the more likely they are to become repeat customers.

4. Content: keep it current and keep it moving

Successful brands do not let their online content get stale. Be sure that you’re emphasizing your latest achievements and your most recent client success stories. Also, if you have any special offers, contests, or other promotions, be sure they’re up-to-date and posted on all relevant forums. If you maintain an industry blog, be sure it’s updated as scheduled. A “weekly” blog that goes weeks without a new post is not helping your brand.

5. Interact, interact, interact

Maintain a running conversation with the people you want most to reach. That means answering queries, promoting events, and troubleshooting any problems quickly and efficiently. You can’t assure that nothing will ever go wrong — in fact, you can be sure it will — but you can assure that you respond to every interaction promptly and thoughtfully. Even in the online world, reputations are still built by word-of-mouth.

Do you have any tips for developing brand awareness? Share them in the comments!

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