Summer is a time when business slows and you get a chance to make some of the changes you’ve been postponing. Maybe it’s time for a full brand reboot, a quick refresher, or just a few tweaks. Whatever the pick-me-up your brand needs, summer can be the perfect time to reposition yourself to meet future demands. Here we’ll look at a few ways you can give your company identity a brand refresh this summer.

1. Streamline your style


Simple designs are often the most compelling. Take a look at the way your logo represents your brand. Ask yourself: Is its message clear? Is the design uncluttered? Does your logo adapt well to the small screens of today’s mobile marketplace? Sometimes a few changes can go a long way toward increasing your exposure and promoting your business. Are you satisfied with your current font, or could it have more impact? A bold, simple sans serif font can often pack more punch, especially when viewed on mobile devices. The changes you make can be subtle, yet can draw attention to your brand without sacrificing brand identity.

2. Get in motion


Logo design by aring

Something as simple as oval framing or forward-leaning type styles can make a static logo more dynamic. Look at the ways your design can incorporate motion into your brand identity. If speed, agility, or responsiveness to customer demand is important to your brand’s identity, adding motion to your design can reinforce that message. Browse design styles that convey motion and see whether any are right for your company. In a competitive marketplace, a little forward motion never hurts.

3. Explore the elements


Design by bakakonda

The best way to know how something works is to take it apart. If summer has given you some time in your day, take a moment to disassemble the elements of your logo. Are you satisfied with the way they work together? Are they properly proportioned to attract the customer’s eye? Are there elements that can be stylized to convey your brand’s message in a simpler or more effective way? These are just a few questions you may want to ask as you experiment with the elements of your logo design. Feel free to play. By looking at the elements individually, and recombining them in new ways, you may discover something you’d missed.

4. Polish your message


Design by Lucky Pen

As long as you’re re-evaluating your company’s public face, you may want to ask if your message or target customer has changed over the past year. Has your business grown to embrace new product or service areas? Or are there customer demographics you’d like to reach in the future? Now might be the perfect time to ask whether your logo matches your message. Keep your mind open to anything — from a redesign to just a tweak.

5. Try something new


Design by handoftristan

Updating your brand’s image may go further than design. Embarking on a new campaign or direction can require extensive planning. Summer might be the time to test new markets, offer new discounts or premiums, or change the way your company approaches mobile marketing. You also may want to explore the ways in which your business interacts with existing and potential customers via social media.

So don’t let the summer blues get to you. This season could be the ideal time to refresh yourself, and your brand!