Winning design by Daric

Banner design project for TiVo

TiVo, Inc. picked a winning design in their banner ad contest. For just $1,139 they received 660 designs from 160 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Banner design project for TiVo


$3000 will be paid out. Not $1000

Background information


- Consumer electronics shoppers - DVR shoppers - Gadget lovers

Brand Name


Brief Summary

Founded in 1997, TiVo, a pioneer in home entertainment, created a brand-new product and service category with the development of the world's first digital video recorder (DVR). Today, the company continues to revolutionize the way consumers watch and access home entertainment, by making the TiVo DVR the focal point of the digital living room: a center for sharing and experiencing television, movies, video downloads, music, photos, and more.

Content details


We are looking for banner ad concepts for TiVo. We will choose three concepts, and award $1000 to each designer who developed the concept. TiVo has historically used very brand-focused messaging for its online creative. We would like to shift to more of a direct response set of creative. General Guidelines are: 1. Optimize the creative for click thru rates, not awareness. Do you know the cheesy punch-the-monkey ads and in-your-face re-finance ads you see online? Something along those lines will be considered. 2. Dramatic visuals of products have real "stopping power" and often work. See this site for an idea of the type of crisp, high res, mouth watering imagery I am referring to. The images pop off the screen. 2. We don't currently have any good offers (such as $50 off) that could be included in the creative. We always have free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee, so those can be used. 3. Feel free to borrow any messaging or imagery from 4. Put together an ad in a standard size. (468x60, 728x90, anything else is fine.) Static or animated is fine. For the concepts we choose, we will work with those designers on creating all the various shapes and sizes (and yes, we will pay extra for that) If you have flash or other files, you can send them to Thanks a lot. Give it your best shot. We will provide feedback throughout.