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New banner ad wanted for Memorabilia 4 Music

Bobbychadda picked a winning design in their banner ad contest. For just $599 they received 48 designs from 12 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


New banner ad wanted for Memorabilia 4 Music


We provide Music Memorabilia for all Artists across the world to consumers

Background information

Organization name

Memorabilia 4 Music

Description of the organization and its target audience

We provide Music Memorabilia for all Artists across the world to consumers. Memorabilia that we provide is in a Frame with either a Gold or Platinum Records framed within the imagery of the Artist, and can be either 1,2 or 3 records within the frame. I have attached some examples.

Mainly the musicians we focus on are based in USA/UK and include the likes of:

• 50 Cent
• Adele
• Alicia Keys
• Amy Winehouse
• Beatles
• Beyonce
• Bob Dylan
• Bob Marley And The Wailers
• Bon Jovi
• Britney Spears
• Bruce Springsteen
• Bruno Mars
• Cheryl Cole
• Chris Brown
• Christina Aguilera
• Cliff Richard
• David Guetta
• Dr Dre
• Drake
• Ed Sheeran
• Elvis Presley
• Eminem
• Foo Fighters
• Frank Sinatra
• Grateful Dead
• Jay Z
• Jessie J
• Jimi Hendrix
• John Lennon
• Johnny Cash
• Justin Bieber
• Kanye West
• Katy Perry
• Kings Of Leon
• Lady Gaga
• Led Zeppelin
• Lil Wayne
• Linkin Park
• Madonna
• Metallica
• Michael Jackson
• Miley Cyrus
• Nero
• Nicki Minaj
• Nirvana
• Oasis
• Olly Murs
• One Direction
• Paramore
• Pink Floyd
• Prince
• Queen
• Rihanna
• Rolling Stones
• Shakira
• Take That
• Taylor Swift
• The Wanted
• The Who
• U2
• Wiz Khalifa


Entertainment & The Arts

Content details


One banner is required to start!

The Website(s) will in time have five rotating banners in the box in the attached images which show the products and or artists or our USP’s that we are selling/promoting. I have found some examples of banners which may be of use from Record Labels on Facebook who are promoting artists etch which are attached. Our Memorabilia has an added benefit of being able to be personalised with a unique message placed on it - this is one of our major USP's! - Would like to emphasise this - but it is not mandatory

The design also does not have to be in the record label images, and can be as creative as the designer feels - these are just examples to work with. Some other banner options could be as attached files suggest. The aim and requirements are that the banners go in line with the website and the feel and professionalism. To promote the products being sold or a banner which highlights an Artist and the popularity, it can be and/or or even something totally different - Maybe on a wall in room to show what it would look like in reality - I am open to suggestion on this. The company logo if needed is on the Homepage top left hand corner.

The Frames and Gold Discs must look real, and not a digitial imagery. If you need the original gold/platinum discs / frames (photo taken) i can provide this to you to assist.

I have attached screen shots of the site, so you will be able to see if your design will fit in well with the current design of the site.