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Banner Ad---use creative ILLUSTRATION SKILLS for HISTORIC 75th Anniversary of "Think & Grow Rich" book by Napoleon Hill

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Thanks so much, really good experience with MR . DORARPOL .He is a great designer, he read my thoughts . And I get what I want . Thanks.
- taibah55155

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....use your ILLUSTRATION SKILLS for historic 75th Anniversary of "Think & Grow Rich" Book - Napoleon Hill

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Napoleon Hill - author of one of the MOST INFLUENTIAL Personal Development/ Motivational/ Self Help books of all time - "Think & Grow Rich". The book was released in 1937 and has sold over 25 Million copies to date! This is the 75th Anniversary of the book.

The Foundation is based on "educational" a non-profit that is raising money to help spread the important message (of Personal Growth, Self-Help, Motivational) throughout the word to help people succeed.

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Business & Consulting

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Thank you for helping me out.

I am an honest man who is looking to you as an expert in creative design. Please help me.

I have a clear idea of what I'm looking for...and am prepared to work closely with you to guide you to fulfill my request.

I will be professional and patient while we work together to produce an AMAZING end product.

I am looking for a couple options of banners similar to those found here in this recent winning project:…entries/84

***However, my PRIORITY is to get one good banner to use at the top of a Wordpress Website. I will be requesting to be delivered the actual PSD file from the winning designer.***

***PLUS, there is a very big upside to the winner. After this project there will be 6 more projects using the same artistic style and same images to create 6 different posters!***

I have attached a SAMPLE BANNER of what I am looking for. It is called "NapHill Sample Banner - Submitted".

Please look at my SAMPLE BANNER first, then please find below the different explanations of the parts/pieces/sections of the actual image which includes:

1.) A retro, pop-art, poster art character image of Napoleon Hill himself (in the left corner) - which must be created by you.

You may find numerous actual images of Napoleon Hill in Google Images.

However, I am looking NOT for an actual image, but for a cartoon-type image of Napoleon Hill in the SAME artistic style (pop art, retro art, gray scale, shading, poster art, etc.) as the following image:

EXAMPLE #1:…x=59&ty=90

***Please use the ARTISTIC STYLE of the above image of the "Feeding America" Girl as the MAIN BASIS for the creation of this banner. Thank you.***

To some extent, you may also look at the following image #2. However, I do not like the lines they used to perform the shading techniques.

Example image #2:

2.) I believe it is best to use a black background...and to use mostly gray scale or shading or black and white color schemes (as the Napoleon Hill brand is traditional). The actual Napoleon Hill Foundation website can be found at:

As stated above, I would REALLY REALLY like for this to look like true ARTWORK…not just a regular banner. So, if you can use the retro, pop-art, shading, drawing, cartoon style of the “Feeding America” attached image for the OVERALL LOOK AND FEEL of the banner…that would be GREAT!

Another idea is to use chrome, metallic Photoshop styles and fonts to make this banner really distinguished and stand out.

An example of the Chrome and Metallic Styles for letters that I REALLY LIKE:…-187441902

You may download these layers/fonts at:…d=2439026#