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Website for Skin Care Company $225


Website contest

Custom package purchased for $225

(including 99designs fees)

by sbs2003

Contest started Mon, 19 Mar 2007 19:53:18 +0000

Last feedback Mon, 26 Mar 2007 22:28:17 +0000

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1. Open round
Designers enter their initial design concepts for feedback and direction.
2. Select winner
The client picks a winning design.
2. Select winner
1. Open round

Designers enter their initial design concepts for feedback and direction.

2. Select winner

The client picks a winning design.

This contest has finished. Congratulations to the winning designer brasta !

Top entries

Design brief

Brief Summary

This company needs a new website.

Brand Name

I don't want to be younger, I just want to look it.
Desired Color Scheme
earth tones
Desired Style
Oriental feel (not oriental people!)
Accepted File Formats

This site needs to have a slight Oriental feel to it. They do all types of skin care by a licensed MD.

The home page MUST be very welcoming - not some sterile, boring office.

We will probably use pictures of the inside of their office to break up text on the home page, but they haven't supplied them yet - so use some generic (flattering) stock photo for now to break up text.

Navigation: Home, About us, Products, Services and Procedures, Specials, What's New, FAQ, Contact us.

Now, very very important - don't just propose a template with a lot of product pictures. It will be rejected immediately. I highly suggest not placing any product pictures on the home page. Keep with an Oriental style. (Not pictures of Asian people - but that type of style.)

They really like parts of - especially the menu.

They want a picture of their doctor on the home page as well (possibly in a side column?) You can find the picture of their doctor here: (It is a huge file so just wait for it.)

Their current site (if it is back up) is:

They also like the flower that is used on that page (again, if it is back up.)

Tag line: "I don't want to be younger, I just want to look it." OR Enhance your beauty within.

Colors: Again, an Asian/Oriental influence here: Likes picture of lotus blossom - The blue used on site is TOO much. Go with earth tones - NO pink.

Maybe some bamboo and a pond?

A menu structure like would be pretty good. But a picture of the doctor out of the header and in the text area of the home page.

Play up the banner area - not too busy - just graceful.

If their current site isn't back up when you go to it, then just use filler text for now.

Their logo and some ads they have done are located here:

The logo they use on their business cards are any of the blue S logos. Specifically Logo Good.gif

This contest is over Thursday afternoon. There cannot be any extentions. I have a meeting with the client of Friday morning so a winner should be announced Friday afternoon.

They also really like the woman on image: Girl's Face 01.png - especially if it is cropped close.

Target audience are women 35-60yrs old with a high income.

They want something different from everyone else.

Again, don't create a site to push product, or else I will remove it immediately without further consideration. Products are only a secondary item for them.

This is my forth or fifth contest here. I always pay and I pay once the project is complete.

Just an FYI - please make sure that you realize if your layout is chosen, there will be some adjustments necessary - there always are.

Also, I pay with PayPal - if you want a different form of payment (ie Western Union) you must agree that any charges to use those services are taken out of the prize money. (IE if you need Western Union and they charge me $20 to send the money, I will reduce the prize money by $20 to pay for it.)

Also, if you are in the US, I can pay by a corporate check if you prefer.

Have fun - this could be a really fun site to do.

- Also, plan on making it for 800x600 or a layout that can easily expand to any size screen.

I will pay an extra $50 if you code it out with proper .html and .css (and psd). If not, an unflattened .psd is required

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