New website design wanted for 80/20 Foundation

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


New website design wanted for 80/20 Foundation


We are a new foundation based out of San Antonio, Texas

Background information

Organization or website name

80/20 Foundation

Description of the website and its target audience

We are a new foundation based out of San Antonio, Texas. Our foundation primarily focuses on the following areas:

- The urbanization and revitalization of San Antonio
- Turning San Antonio into the next technology and entrepreneur hug
- Creating innovative ways to deliver technology related education
- Creating a new kind of corporate workplace culture.


Community & Non-Profit

Existing website to reference

Visual style

Inspirational websites

    i like that it appeals to a younger audience. I am open to all suggestions and color schemes. Not really down with their colors.

Content details

Number of pages needed


Page descriptions

1. Home Page - This is probably the most important page. I want it to convey that we are not a normal boring foundation. We are technology people approaching philanthropy from an entrepreneurship background. Our logo was created at 99 designs and think really highlights our style. I am completely open to suggestions are styles. Get creative and convince me!

2. Our mission - This is going to be a template. The page you see on the site I have provide is one of the 4 areas we cover. Once this theme/template is made i will take it and make 3 more pages based on your design for the other 3 areas of our work. The key components that every page of our initiatives will have is:
- The problem, why we are attacking this area in soceity
- the solution, the way we are going to make change
- An area for us to display articles and links to white papers, etc
- An area where we put logos of organizations we are working with that will link to their websites
- i think maybe the bottom should have a "contact us" area or somewhere that has our address and stuff like that

3. Meet the Team - this page will have all the key players that are making these initiatives happen. It should fit the overall theme of the website in regards to color scheme and what not

4. Grant Information - This is where people submit a grant application. I want some type of button they can click on, this will take them to another system that I am creating right now. it will mostly likely be a link. The rest of the page is going to be application content that they need to read.

What to avoid

I hate the way most nonprofits and foundation websites look. they look to static and dull. I want this to look like the website someone new business is starting in the cloud, not a normal foundation.

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