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website design for Mobsicle


Text message marketing for restaurants

Background information

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Description of the website and its target audience

Text message marketing for restaurants. Explainer video:

Existing website to reference

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Page descriptions

1. Homepage - Minimalist theme that highlights our explainer video, the ability to "Text DEMO to HUNGRY (486479) and enable users to search a keyword. Currently have a mock at which is OK, but needs some 'umph'.

2. Primary dashboard / template - Similar to dashboard. Checkout for a first pass at a template. Need a variety of icons representing actions such as "Send SMS," "Manage Your Members," "Help," etc.

3. Send / Manage numbers - Our interface where a restaurant can send out messages is inspired by Google's Gmail. Send page, Labels, etc. Looking for a simple interface. Big boxes, text, etc.



Varieties of our logo are featured here:

Feel free to use as inspiration.