New website design for LifeTech: We turn air into drinking water.

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


New website design for LifeTech: We turn air into drinking water.


LifeTech offers consumers innovative, progressive and reliable lifestyle related technologies

Background information

Organization or website name


Description of the website and its target audience

LifeTech offers consumers innovative, progressive and reliable lifestyle related technologies. Our primary product is a sleek, modern, brushed aluminum (like apple) appliance that generates high quality, clean water from atmospheric air. The drinking water produced by our patented technology is cleaner and tastes better than bottled water, and is cheaper and better for the environment. Think apple type design with attentiveness to every detail and an emphasis on green technology that enhances your lifestyle.



Existing website to reference


Content details

Number of pages needed


Page descriptions

We've attached wireframes for the site on this brief. These wireframes are for general guidance only. They should not be taken literally- we encourage use of your creativity and artistic application.

-- Technical Specifications --
- design to 960px wide. This should be in a grid.
- include button sample with 3 states: original, hover, and click
- include an input and drop down sample

-- Five Pages --

1. Landing Page - the initial landing page. We are going for a clean look and feel similar to landing page. Look how simple it is. It shows the only product they care about right now. We would like to show the product or a clean water droplet. Please do not design under these constraints. We are looking for something concise, clean, and to the point.

2. Product Page - this is the page where the user can learn about our primary product, AirWell. We are inspired by We have a 3d modeler and designer in house, so don't worry about the imagery.

3. Applications - this page shows all the great uses and applications for our product. It can be used in all types of situations and industries. AirWell is a unit about the size of water cooler. It is quiet and energy efficient and generates water even in arid climates. We would like to deploy our units to humanitarian organizations and provide clean drinking water where electricity is available, but means to obtain clean water are not.

4. Water Facts - water we drink is contaminated. research shows that even bottled water has unnatural levels of mercury and pharmaceutical products that are linked to cancers, birth defects, and autism.

5. Other Template Pages - This is a general layout for investors, contact, terms and privacy, responsibilities, careers, and press. We want to see different type of UI elements including buttons, input boxes, and 960 grid layout.

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