*Prize Guaranteed* Looking for KickA$$ Website Design for

ameyermann picked a winning design in their web page design contest. For just $850 they received 49 designs from 12 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


*Prize Guaranteed* Looking for KickA$$ Website Design for


Our website provides job ad posting services for owners of family practices

Background information

Organization or website name

Description of the website and its target audience

Our website provides job ad posting services for owners of family practices. A family practice is a local doctors office that you and your family go to....the are your primary care physician. We offer job posting services for all positions in the office.....doctors, nurses, office managers, etc.

NOTE: This site will be one of several job boards that we want to launch to fill an unmet need for a some industries that we have deep knowledge of. The initial site for this will be



Visual style

Inspirational websites

    • Don’t like the newspaper image but site is memorable. • Very straightforward – this is a job board, it looks like a job board, not a lot of distracting content (other ads, news, etc.) • Pricing is on the homepage, however it could be at the top of the page to make it easier • Nav is direct and to the point. • Jobs should be on the homepage
    • Like that jobs are on the homepage • Images reinforce the sites function and target audience • Nav is clean • The job board itself looks like a plugin or separate app. Design-wise it looks older than the rest of the site (corners are square versus rounded). Should be more consistent
  • www.
    • Nice, evocative image on the homepage. This is what all new sites are using…a crisp, sharp picture to convey message (another example:
    • Like that pricing is clear, jobs are the focus, nav is straightforward • Don’t like that there are no pictures/images
    • Old design but very good functional layout for a broader focused site. NOT A GOOD EXAMPLE VISUALLY.
    • Like jobs on the homepage, upfront pricing
    • Site feels a little dated but a very good industry website (not as niche as what we want to do but could help us from a design side if we need to expand a board to offer more than just a single discipline or super niche industry) • Stats at the top are nice to convey legitimacy • Imagery is good

Content details

Number of pages needed


Page descriptions

For this contest, we are looking for a design for the family practice industry (nurses, doctors, office managers, etc). It's very important, however, that we're able to use the same basic template in order to create the job boards for the other industries we have. Each site will have it's own unique color scheme and header area. The rest should stay consistent between sites.

Homepage elements (listed by priority):

• The homepage needs to appeal to two distinct audiences – job seekers and employers. So the homepage needs to be divided in some way so that each audience type self selects itself by gravitating to an area of the homepage where content is relevant to them. Whereas many job sites focus mostly on the job seeker, our split is more 60/40 in terms of focus on the job seeker versus the employer. We want to appeal to both parties because job seekers create the site traffic and employers are the customers that generate the revenue.
• Top header area that will contain the website url ( and provide individual flare for the site.
• Main call to action for Job Seekers – Sign up for Job Alerts
• Main call to action for Employers – Post a Job ($249 for 60 days)
• Secondary call to action for Employers – Complete an online profile (FREE!)
• Search area – should have keyword search input box, additional optional filters by US State
• Recently posted jobs – Job title only, for maybe the top 5 recent job postings. Job titles should be clickable links. Should have a clickable call to action in this area to view more jobs.
• Twitter feed – As can be setup through
• Below the fold, and not conflicting with the actual content, Google Adsense image ads (any size Google offers, as free space allows) –…wer=185665

Sample Content Page – Job Details (listed by priority):

• Job Title
• Job Description (assume 4-5 paragraphs)
• Location (city, state)
• Salary (in US Dollars)
• Date Posted
• Main call to Action – Apply to this job
• Secondary call to action – Suggested Jobs – 3 other jobs similar to this one with Job Title and Location (city, state), where Job Title is clickable

Top Navigation:

We may not need a top navigation, given the limited number of functions on the site. However, these are the main categories. Leaving it to your discretion as to whether or not a traditional navigation needs to be included.

• Jobs
• Employer Profiles
• Services

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