EcommerceCompany picked a winning design in their web page design contest

For just $595 they received 117 designs from 25 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Website Design for Ecommerce Business - Fashion Brand Company


Produce and sell beautiful and comfortable low rise hosiery

Background information

Organization or website name

Fashion Brand Company

Description of the website and its target audience

Produce and sell beautiful and comfortable low rise hosiery.



Content details

Number of pages needed


Page descriptions


Please submit your designs as soon as you can. We may need you to make some minor changes to your design so it is compatible with the CoreCommerce shopping cart system. If you submit your designs too late, there may not be enough time to make the changes we need and your design may be eliminated.

-This will be an e-commerce website. The design will be for the homepage/template area of the site.

-This will be a fixed width design, make the width 960px, but do not go over that number

-The site will be a single column layout with two main sections in the main content area.

-For photo on the homepage use the image provided. DO NOT use images from the reference site.


-Simple, Elegant, Beautiful and Clean.


-Layout should be kept simple and clean.

-Single column layout with two main sections in the main content area.

-Reference for general layout preferences.


-All photos and product images will be black and white, so the color scheme of the site needs to support black and white images.

-Something similar to the color scheme used at that goes well with black and white photos.

-An all white or light background is preferred.


-Clean, San serif fonts.


-Nice and clean


-Company does not have a logo, so the logo

 on the site will consist of the company name “Erica in Style” in P22 Imperial font.

-Elegant search feature (Reference

-Standard CoreCommerce links (“Login”, “My Account”, “View Cart”, “Checkout”) above main nav. (Reference for placement ONLY. Please note that our links are different than the ones used on the Jack Rogers site.)


- Main Navigation links should be as follows: “Home”, “Erica”, “About Us”, “Green”, “Made In Japan” and “Blog”.


-Banner image, this will NOT be a slideshow, DO NOT put slideshow like elements on the banner like previous and next buttons, or numbers


-Please use the image that is provided. Do not use stock imagery.

-Beside the image there should be a short introductory paragraph that welcomes visitors to the site. Please use the following text in the paragraph. DO NOT use Ipsum text. (Reference for placement.)

"Erica is low rise hosiery that always feels great and looks beautiful. An elegant laced hip hunger band fits you wonderfully. It just makes your body relax. No more tight and narrow waist band that cuts into your stomach.
Erica always feels great and looks beautiful."


-Foot should be kept simple and clean and will contain a simple menu.
-The footer menu links should be as follows: “Customer Service”, “Contact Us”, “Wholesale” and “Media”.
-Reference for placement of the menu.


-Use dark backgrounds.

-Make the page less than 960px wide

-Use colors that do not work well with black and white images.
-Use stock imagery. (Please use images that are provided.)

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