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- Sean Bucher, The Block

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Website Design for The Block


The Block essentially does consulting for small businesses

Background information

Organization or website name

The Block

Description of the website and its target audience

The Block essentially does consulting for small businesses. We are beginning by offering internet marketing and advertising services. The Block wants to change the way small businesses think about getting on the internet in a meaningful way. We build each business an independent website, manage their ecommerce by creating their marketplace, we do all their SEO, PPC, etc, and we also are building an all new directory that will allow tie our network of small businesses together. Customers can come to our site, immediately search for a product or service in their area, and find results. On the results page they can see what their friends suggest, as well as see featured services. Any service that works with us has their website and marketplace accessible by our directory. Customers can click on a business and view their profile, where they can order virtually any thing the business offers. Furthermore, we will be rethinking how businesses and their customers interact on the social web.

Existing website to reference


Content details

Number of pages needed


Page descriptions

We are looking for a designer with the chops to create a viable and competitive homepage for our site. This must have the ability to out compete up and coming (as well as established) businesses in the arena. We want a Google/Bing/Groupon/Apple blend of New Hotness.

The Homepage will be ad free. It should (more or less) consist of Our logo, a single search box (google style), and a background of a cityscape. There are some pictures of home pages attached, but quite frankly they don't come close to cutting it.

The of the city scape as being viewed from the opposite side of a river (Like how you'd view Philadelphia or New York from the New Jersey side of the Delaware or Hudson rivers). The sky should bright and warm, the buildings should be reflecting the line to a degree, and slightly futuristic looking. Think Grand theft auto style art.

The logo design is up to you, and we will give you advice after you submit us renditions. If you want to design an actual 3-d block, or design "The Block" in actual block letters you can. You can also think outside the box and not try to play on the words (or play on the words in a different way than I suggested). I've heard of someone suggesting that "The Block" should be done in 3-D designed out of streets. It is totally up to you.

What could also be nice is small blurbs built in that allow us to describe exactly what we are and what we do quickly (again: Directory, Marketplace, Social).

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