$1,420: New Website for "Bar Crawl" Nightlife Event Company!

BuffaloBarCrawl picked a winning design in their web page design contest. For just $1,775 they received 70 designs from 10 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


$1,420: New Website for "Bar Crawl" Nightlife Event Company!


We are a nightlife events company that hosts massive "Bar Crawl" events in Buffalo, NY

Background information

Organization or website name

Buffalo Bar Crawl

Description of the website and its target audience

We are a nightlife events company that hosts massive "Bar Crawl" events in Buffalo, NY. Typically a "bar crawl" is an event where a large group of people walks to various bars together and has a drink at each one. Our events are different in that they attract thousands of participants and we allow people to "crawl" at their own pace to all the participating bars. Participants pay $10 to participate in the event which grants them free entrance and exclusive drink specials at 15 to 20 participating bars. Participants who visit EVERY participating bar are rewarded with a free "Buffalo Bar Crawl" T-shirt.

We have been hosting "bar crawl" events for over four years and each one of our events attracts thousands of participants. We are already established but would like enhance our website and make it look more modern. Our target audience is 21-35 year olds who are into nightlife, partying, and fun!

The website will serve to:
- Tell people about our upcoming events
- Tell people how the events work
- Show people pictures/video of past events
- Show people how to register for our future events (link to our ticketing site)
- Tell people about how they can book "private" bar crawls through our company for their upcoming special occasion (birthday, etc.)
- Allow people to contact us with questions


Entertainment & The Arts

Existing website to reference

Visual style

Style/theme ideas for the web page design

We would prefer a "lighter" site (our current one is dark).  Please use our logos complimenting colors of red, gold, black  and white for accents (or any other colors that look good).

Inspirational websites

    Our main competition. I think this site is a little too busy though and it's not easy to find specific information about events.

Content details

Number of pages needed


Page descriptions


1) Top "Menu" with the following links to other sections of the site:
Buy Tickets, Event Info, Participating Bars, Book a Private Bar Crawl,
Pics & Video... Also links somewhere on the homepage to "Contact
Us", "Sponsorship Opportunities", and to our facebook page.

2) Space for updated "News" or Articles" with the most recent at the top and oldest at bottom.

3) Graphics (pictures and/or custom designed graphics) which help
sell our event and show what the event is like. You can find several
pictures on our current website as well as several albums of photos on
our Facebook page ( ).

4) Using graphics (above) and/or text to somehow relay the most
important info of our event: a) It's Just Ten Bucks! b) Includes FREE
cover & Exclusive drink specials at lots of bars! c) Visit every
participating bar and get a FREE Bar Crawl T-shirt. d) Link to our "Buy
Tickets" page.

- Explain how our events work with pictures and info

- Display participating bars' logos, descriptions, and bar crawl drink specials

- Info on purchasing tickets
- Link to ticketing site

- Explain to people how to book their own private bar crawl through our company for their upcoming special event (such as birthdays, bachelor parties, etc.)
- Form to contact us

We would also need several other SIMILAR pages to the above such as a contact us page that wouldn't need any major modifications to the above, just different info.

What to avoid

We don't want to look like a typical nightclub website. We are a "nightlife" event but we include bars, nightclubs, party bars, and lounges. We attract a large audience so we want to make it look "fun" and "entertaining" but not "exclusive" and "nightclub-ish".

After checking out some of the initial designs, we are now thinking a "lighter" concept would be better, so please avoid a "darker" website while still using our colors of red/gold/black as accents.  Thanks!

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