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    Wed, 24 Jun 2009 10:36:42 +0000
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    #12 & #17 Bays - Yes, don't know what I was saying about the menu bar! I think on the last 2 you've ticked my boxes. I'm not sure if it has the wow factor - but then again it is great for presenting data. I think if you do any others, keep the last couple up, but go for "revolution" rather than "evolution" if you want a second bite of the cherry.

    #13 Sorenson - at the moment my personal favourite, but I am a BAD barometer as I suspect that my boss will be happier that Bay's logo is a little more in keeping with the old logo. Both of us will be asking our customers though, so who can say!? :)

    #14 yjim great to see a new entrant and I like the simplicity, but we don't have a video to put in the flash area. Did you have an idea to put in there? The other hopefully helpful comment would be that I like the search box being accessible right at the top, but on the home page, getting a person to try the search box on a web domain is by far our strongest call to action. Few people will sign up without trying the search box - and few can say that free registration is not worth it after trying the search box.