Site Design needed for delicious Tasting Box!!

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Site Design needed for delicious Tasting Box!!


Deliver'n Flavors from across the country & around the world!

Background information

Organization or website name

the Jungle Stand

Description of the website and its target audience

We are monthly subscription service. Every month we mail our customers a tasting box with 6 different types of food flavors to try.
We bring flavors from across the country and around the world.


Food & Drink

Existing website to reference


Visual style

Style/theme ideas for the web page design

I'd like a modernized version on the vintage/vaudevillian style. I would like the colors to be more vivid and sharp, similar to the colors on

Each section, "Welcome", "FAQ/More info", "Footer" and the All-purpose "Subpage", should have it's own distinct design and style.The "FAQ" and "Subpage" should be the most creative, most quirky and most playful.




Inspirational websites

Content details

Number of pages needed


Page descriptions

I would like 2 pages, Home Page, All-purpose sub-page :
HOME PAGE (I've included a mock-up "Mock up Home Page.pdf" in this brief)
The Home page will have 3 main sections (each section with it's own above-the-fold content and design):
1) Welcome Section - contains the following:
A) Top of page navigation containing
-logo - I prefer the logo to be in the center top of page
-"log in" link
-"sign up" link
-"drop us a line" link
Additional note - This section will have 3 "modes". I want to be able to show our site visitors when we're "tasting" and when we're "boxing". So I would like the top navigation area to have 3 modes that I can change to:
1) Regular
2) tasting
3) boxing
This can be done by either changing the color of our logo or making my logo glow PLUS adding those words depending on the "state" OR if you have another suggestion, please feel free to create! You can also change the colors of my logo to any color you like or make it glow (I have attached a crude mock-up to illustrate some example 'mode' designs).
B) Main stage - This will have a photo of our tasting box with our copy and call-to-action button. (Note: I won't have a photo ready so, just use the sample photo attached. But our real photo will be fun and quirky and I've attached a style similar to what we will use)
In addition, I will have the price listed that will point to the box in the photo (be creative with the pointer).
C) FAQ teaser - I want to show people that there's more info on this page, so on the bottom of the "Main stage", I'd like some creative way to get people to scroll down (In my mock-up, I added "FAQ" in red, bold letters. But please be more creative and quirky!)
2) FAQ/More Info Section
This section will include our faqs, and miscellaneous bits of info about us, our box, our process, etc. I'd like this entire section to also be above the fold. In terms of style/theme of the design, please refer to the style/theme section of my design brief.
(Note: I would like to place a photo or 2 of our box and food bags on this page.
The photos will show the box and one of our food bags together with a fruit or some other quirky item to show people how big our box and food bags are.)
3) Footer Section
I'd like this footer design to be an INSIDE of a brown, leather, VINTAGE/vaudvillian suitcase. The inside of this suitcase should contain the following:
1) Stamps from different parts of country/world
2) colorful woman's stripped stockings
3) funny man's and woman's hat
4) man's and woman's shoes
5) glasses
6) 2 books with the following titles:
1) Taste the World in 88 Days
2) the Flavor Chronicles
7) bow tie
8) colorful woman's tu-tu
9) passports
10) map of the world
Please also include the following in this Section: Copyright 2012 the Jungle Stand. All Rights Reserved.
In addition include the following links:
1) contact us
2) Sign in / Sign up
3) FAQ
4) Privacy Policy
5) Terms of Service
All-purpose Sub-page - I will use this page design for our 'contact us' page, our 'payment section' and our user account page as well as other miscellaneous pages.
Final Files should be in .psd

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