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Contest title


Site Design - Guaranteed $$ - Designer Wanted For AdSense Flippers ReDesign Project


We build, monetize, and sell niche websites to online entrepreneurs and detail/document our exact process on the blog and the Ad

Background information

Organization or website name

Guaranteed $$ - Designer Wanted For Start-Up AdSense Flippers

Description of the website and its target audience

We build, monetize, and sell niche websites to online entrepreneurs and detail/document our exact process on the blog and the AdSense Flippers Podcast with free content. We believe in openness and transparency and provide income reports, case studies, successes, and failures.

Our target market includes beginner to intermediate internet marketers and online entrepreneurs focused on building profitable websites, tools, and brands. It's mostly split into thirds:

1st Group - People brand new to internet marketing and looking to get started building niche sites that make money. They're looking for actionable content that can get them started and to potentially buy some of our sites to see how it works.
2nd Group - Those experienced with Internet Marketing and appreciate our open disclosures, honesty, and approach. They're interested in creating profitable niche sites and look to us for case studies, sites they can buy from us to add to their portfolio, etc.
3rd Group - Entrepreneurs that aren't necessarily interested in niche websites, but like our content not related to niche sites, keyword research, etc. They prefer our business strategy content, outsourcing content, business insights, etc.

Redesign/Conversion Goal: Email Subscriptions, Buy Our Site visits, and funneled/better accessibility to our content



Existing website to reference

Visual style

Inspirational websites

  • http://thinktraffic.net
    Like: Clean, fluid width design, love the fonts, Compare “Latest Posts” to our “Posts Of Distinction” section
  • www.chrisducker.com
    Like: Footer layout, The three “Work With Me”, “Speaking”, etc. sections
  • www.copyblogger.com
    Like: 4 boxes, Clean layout, good fonts Don’t Like: Too corporate

Content details

Number of pages needed


Page descriptions

NOTE: Please send a mock-up of the homepage FIRST. If we like your homepage design we’ll have you mock-up the post page as well.

Overall design notes:
- Site will be on WordPress using the Thesis framework
- Not looking for slight changes to our current site...want it to look significantly different than it does now
- We like clean, minimalist design
- These 2 pages are just a start, we’d like to discuss creating a few custom pages for an additional fee once the winner has been selected
- We'd like to keep the current logo that's on the site and to build the site to match. That's preferable...but if you have an awesome design that would need a new logo, we're definitely open to your new logo with the design.
- Font - Easy to read with good spacing. We like the font/spacing on ThinkTraffic.net or even Copyblogger.com
- After the first few top sections on the homepage, the site will be 2-column, with a 3-column footer
- We’re looking for Fluid-Width layout

(See: AF Homepage Mockup)
- We want the order of elements to remain consistent according to Homepage Layout Suggestions image, but we’re open to design and aesthetic variations.
- Menu Sticky - This should be a small and slim menu at the top of the page that will remain visible to the user at all times (it will scroll with the window). Should contain links to our About Us, Blog, Contact, etc...
- Header: Logo, Tagline, and “New? Start Here” should be included. We’re open to various design elements here
- Tagline: “Create An Online Empire”
- Testimonial Slider: We really like the way they’ve used testimonials on Desk.com and how it separates header section from the rest of the page.
- Getting Started: Why Niche Websites / Buy Our Sites / Tools & Resources boxes should stand out (and maybe highlighted when you scroll over? Should clearly be links...Check out ThinkTraffic.net, Popular Post Section, for one example of this) You just need to highlight these different sections somehow, with boxes or images, etc...
- Custom Opt-in: Title - ““Join 6,234 Entrepreneurs Who Chose to Grow Their Business” Subheading - “Free six week Niche Site Training Course” + email optin box (Include “Building A Niche Site Empire” ebook image)
- Topics & Categories Box should include: Podcast Episodes, How toBuy & Sell Sites, Niche Website Creation Tips, Income Reports, Video And Webinars, Business And Marketing, Case Studies, Lifestyle, Archive (Each of these will be text links to a soon-to-be-written Category Page that discusses the category and links to related blog posts)
- Take me to the Blog: This should just be a special image/link that goes to our main blog.
- Best Posts - Title this section “Posts of Distinction” Again, reference ThinkTraffic.com latest post section. These will be titles of our best posts along with their excerpts.
- Buy our sites widget - This will remain the same as the one that is currently on AdSenseFlippers, accept you can change some colors to match
- Ad an area - for standard Ad blocks and sizes.
- Footer - We are open to different layouts in the footer, but would like the following elements:
Opt-in that shows our ebook ‘Building a Niche Site Empire’ and an offer for our six week training course.
A reiteration of our main sticky menu at the top of the site, Blog, About, Contact, etc... Text links...will also include Ethics Policy, Disclosures, Guest Post Policy, etc.
A sliding bio widget that rotates in our different employees and owners with pictures and information about each person.

Blog Post and Pages
Please see image mock-up (AF-post-mockup) in order to get an idea of what we want.

We would like the following elements in the header:
- Sticky Menu same as home page
- Header should include the same elements as the home page, but take up less space. Maybe 100 - 200px?.
- We want to include the ‘Getting Started’, ‘Buy Our Sites’ and ‘Resources & Tools’ images/links in the header. And, they should be off-set somehow to attract attention.
- Logo and tagline also, but smaller than on the home page

Content Area
- We would like a two column layout with the sidebar on the right.
- Planning to use “Opt-In Skin” plugin at the bottom of each post/page, but are open to your specific design ideas here as well.
- Will use a Related Posts plugin at the bottom of each post/page

- Typography is very important to us. We want our content to be easily readable with clear headings.
- Footer will be the same all across the site.

Contest Winner will be contracted to also design: About Us, and a few other custom pages.

What to avoid

- We're pretty relaxed in our content, on the podcast, etc...so we'd like to avoid a stuffy, uptight design. Modern/Minimalist with a touch of fun is what we're going for...not a corporate feel.

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