RiskIO needs a new website design

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


RiskIO needs a new website design


Risk I/O is a security platform that helps IT professionals keep their organizations safe and secure

Background information

Organization or website name


Description of the website and its target audience

Risk I/O is a security platform that helps IT professionals keep their organizations safe and secure. Target Audience is Security Engineers who are on the frontline for keeping their sites/companies safe from hackers.

A bit more detail: RiskIO is a security SaaS/Platform that connects to all the security 'scanners' a company has...and pulls in all the security vulnerabilities that these scanners fine into one that a security engineer can act on it.



Existing website to reference

Visual style

Inspirational websites

    Lot to like about this site from the color palette, the clean black lines. The subtle, but very clean 3D effect they have in the screenshots. We also like the footer (black). The whole thing is very clean and sharp.
    In many ways this site is like a cousin of ours. They are reaching out to the same people and are trying to get people to signup (most important thing) and have a freemium model. Clean site, very focused on getting people to signup.
    We like all things Apple. We like the clean graphics, clean layout, clean design (and great products).
    An innovative site that is focused on essentially the same customers (very technical engineers) that we are here at RiskIO. (their parent site... looks good to, although a bit more enterprise-y)

Content details

Number of pages needed


Page descriptions

Homepage: Introduces a security engineer to our company and what we do as well as direct visitors to create an account within our product. It should also identify tools we integrate with and provide information on customer usage (via stats and testimonials). The top section (above the fold) has a welcome video, heading, and a animated counter that signifies the number of vulnerabilities the system has processed. The three lower sections are places we can leverage to show different parts of our story. (It may be more or less then 3 sections). As people scroll down on the front page...they'll learn more of the story. (see Mockup)

Features page: Contains Overview, Aggregation, Reporting and Prioritization sections within the page. Each section should be anchored within the page so you can easily access the section via a corresponding link in the site footer. This page should also direct visitors to create an account within our product. The concept here is, people can click on the heading up top...and it will scroll (via java Script) to the correct part in the page. (Obviously this won't work in the PSD file you are making... ;) (see Mockup)

What to avoid

No, be creative. Don't feel compelled to use the color pallet on our current site.

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