Redesign Web Site for Open Source Based Webcompany

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Contest title


Redesign Web Site for Open Source Based Webcompany


WANTED: New fresh and unique website design + new logo (optional!) We are looking for DESIGN ONLY

Background information


The target audience is twofold: 1. POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS: We want to show the potential customers who have come to our site what we are able to provide them with, as well as the fact that we are actually able to deliver their projects within the boundaries that we set together. We want to do this by showing a number of cases in different areas: Websites, intranets/portals and webshops. 2. POTENTIAL EMPLOYEES: We want to show to potential employees that we are an attractive employer, providing leading edge technical knowledge and a good place to work. We want to do this by presenting our employees with profiles as well as displaying our technical leadership by for example writing blogs, articles, to-dos etc.

Brand Name

MOC systems / MOC

Brief Summary

ABOUT MOC SYSTEMS MOC Systems specializes in web solutions based on the open source CMS TYPO3. Our solutions cover all types of websites ranging from small business and campaign sites to sophisticated and tailored web application systems for large corporations. We provide projects where MOC assists in the entire process of requirements specification, , design, development, testing, project management, training and subsequent operation of the solution. We are however specialized in technical development. We also offer our services as consultants in relation to specific developments or strategy. GOAL Our present website has been around for a number of years, and we feel that it needs an update – both in relation to appearance and the signal we want it to convey to potential customers and employees. You can see the present website on: We are looking for a fresh new design, that in a minimalistic and simple way allows us to demonstrate what a TYPO3 based web-solution offers. BRAND We are currently working with the idea of changing our company name from ‘MOC Systems’ to the simpler ‘MOC’. Therefore, we are open to receiving proposals showing examples of a website with new logo. This is however NOT a requirement for this contest. Our present logo can be viewed on: The green logo color is RGB(166, 197, 67)

Content details


DESCRIPTION We have created a wireframe for the website that can be viewed on: . The wireframe contains a main page where we want to show 9 cases (references) in 3 different categories: 1. Website solutions (danish: internet-løsninger) 2. Intranet/portal solutions (danish: intranet-løsninger) 3. Web-shops The main navigation bar is found at the top. Please leave room for additional content. Logo is also placed at the top. The footer shows logos (links) to different relevant associates. (SKI (, SCRUM alliance ( etc.) Please note that these logos are meant to support – NOT OVERSHADOW - the content of our website! On sub-pages there is an additional vertical bar on the right. This bar contains sub-items of the relevant pages At the bottom of selected sub-pages there could also be a “carousel” rotating the same references as those on the front page one by one. The wireframe is meant as a guideline, and design with a different approach will be taken into account as well! WHAT WE WANT - A Photoshop mock-up of a frontpage and a sub-page. (- logo design (graphics)) We're looking at this stage for a creative concept that we can refine and develop in further contests or freelance arrangements. Note also that we are looking for design only, as we will implement the HTML/CSS ourselves.

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