Redesign's Home Page.

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Contest title


Redesign's Home Page.


Movie and TV News, Reviews, Trailers, etc., with a focus on the big summer movies (superhero, sci-fi, action, etc.)...

Background information

Organization or website name

Screen Rant

Description of the website and its target audience

Movie and TV News, Reviews, Trailers, etc., with a focus on the big summer movies (superhero, sci-fi, action, etc.)


Entertainment & The Arts

Existing website to reference

Visual style

Style/theme ideas for the web page design

I am looking to update/change the home page layout of I am keeping the same overall look/theme to the site - what I want is ideas for different presentations of the content on the home page. The large image at the top was a slideshow, but I want some sort of large image/grid approach for our top or featured stories (5-6 items) to replace it. Not sure if I want to keep the same layout below the large image or go to some other look. Ease of use for visitors and browsing of content to encourage clicks to articles is paramount. Must be inviting and easily scannable.

Inspirational websites

    I like the presentation of featured items at the top of the page and the highlighted video area on the home page as well. I do find the items below the top of the page to be a bit disjointed and hard to scan.
    I like the use of a grid at the top of the page, and while there is variety to the way the content is presented lower on the page, I do find it fairly organized and not as confusing/jarring as
    I like the clean look of it and it seems fairly easy to scan as one scrolls down the page.

Content details

Number of pages needed


Page descriptions

Please see below.

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