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Yola Style Designers picked a winning design in their web page design contest. For just $314 they received 175 designs from 37 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


One page Website Templates


We will award multiple winners!

Background information


The Audience The Yola target audience are small businesses and micro businesses, as well as individuals looking to create a professional image for themselves. Our target customer is a micro-business owner with 0-5 employees. Our diverse users include restaurant owners, artists, photographers, designers, churches, pet breeders, small shops, consultants and many others. We think the types of styles our users are looking for can be categorized as: Business/professional look and feel Theses are style build specifically for business type users. They like clean style with images that inspire confidence. Artsy creative styles For these styles we encourage you to get your creative juices going. We are looking for new, innovative designs that push the envelope in what the Yola framework can sustain. Highly customizable styles These designs will be made specifically for our users that like to customize a design. Users will probably change the banner and background so the the value of the design should be in framing, shadow elements, fixed bottom images and other design elements.

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Brief Summary

We are a website building program that uses templates to create quality websites. We are looking to dramatically increase the number of templates we offer our customers. We need templates that appeal to small businesses and organizations. We will be awarding 3 winners at $250 each for this project.

Content details


Yola Style Design Definition: A Yola Style is a website design template built for the Yola site builder in PSD format. A Yola Style Design defines the look and feel of a website outside of the content area that gets populated by a user. A Yola style has the following properties: Background, Page Header, Navigation, Banner and Content Area. We're fans of style elements like shadows, framing, gradients, reflection, graphic art, etc. When you design a style, please don’t concentrate of the content area. Please concentrate your efforts for the area around the content area. Before submitting a style please make sure it fits guidelines:…elines.php You submit: A one page Website Style Design in layered PSD format following our specifications and target audience guidelines A text file describing your Design Image resources / stock photos and links to images used Images All images used in your style must be available for purchase with extended licenses or you must own and relinquish redistribution rights for that image once we pay for for the accepted style. If you use stock images you can use the watermarked picture or the limited license for your design, as long as you provide us with a link to buy the extended licenses. Images you find on the web that do not have specified rights are NOT acceptable.

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