Entry #18 - Web page design - by Mithum
By Mithum

Startup Island picked a winning design in their website contest

For just $595, they received 18 designs from 5 designers.

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Landing Page Design for Startup Island


Bronze Website package

Purchased for $595

(including 99designs fees)

By Startup Island
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Congratulations to the winner, Mithum!

Top entries

Design brief

Organization name

Startup Island

Description of business

The fusion of a documentary, a story, and a reality tv show, Startup Island is about a new movement of authentic entrepreneurs fund, build, and grow their own companies at an island in Thailand for innovation, free knowledge, and entrepreneurship. Watch them go, see everything, from 0 to Island.

We don't believe in titles, patents, and secret NDAs. We are building the island from nothing (not even using the funds from past company sales) to show that you can do anything with a smartphone and an idea. We leave in 9 months.

We want any developing nation, any child with just internet access to know that apps, services, companies, ideas, websites, software, 3D printing, can be done. Start now, and the money will come. We do not believe that money should own your dreams. If your a designer just saving money to actually do what you want, if your a designer going to school to actually do what you want, or an architect hoping to start here. Don't start, don't let that hold you back, do your dream now. It's like what Steve Jobs said, is what your doing right now worth your life? Could you die now and say, "yes, I was doing the task worth giving back to the world."

I hope that you realize that your design will be used as our banner page, our landing page. That your skill will be used as a representation of the passion, openness, and innovation for a movement to change business to the better. From hover boards to Andreesen Horowitz we have some exciting stories coming and this is key for us to allow the idea, the design for the idea, to be free and community built.

We don't believe in titles, or fake images, I am not some CEO RAH TAH TAH I am a graduating Sr., 22-years-old kid who likes to build cool stuff. I believe that this is the most impactful thing I could do for the next year and that is why I became an Islander. It's cool to think that whoever you are you were supposed to read this post. In an hour from now you will have a challenge or a victory, and I hope that you think a little different because of the perspective here.

Organization industry



None specified

Further requirements

We are believers in this movement, it is not a company starting, it is inevitable. We also know that no organization is a steel heartless framework; just a group of like minded people. If you are like us we want to hear about your work, showcase your work, and we want this work, this landing page, to be attached to you.

That is why we credit the winning artist of the design on the landing page, and even a link to view your portfolio or website. This design is by the people, for the people, and for innovation at large, so the person who built the monument to it should be remembered.

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