j. David Group needs a new website design

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Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

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j. David Group needs a new website design


Recruiting software sales people and other professional services sales leaders via email marketing and blogging

Background information

Organization or website name

j. David Group

Description of the website and its target audience

Recruiting software sales people and other professional services sales leaders via email marketing and blogging.


Business & Consulting

Existing website to reference

Content details

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Page descriptions

I've attached a 6 page PDF of generally what I have in mind for the pages.
My home page is my blog right now, but I want to change that. My blog will be on another tab. I want my homepage to have the latest video interview I did, embedded in the center of the page. My logo at the top of the page with my tagline (Headhunting Sales People. Over Quota, Every Quarter.) beneath. I want my page buttons, e.g., Home, About Us, etc., to go down the left hand side of the page. I want the link to my blog to be just to the right of the video, with links to featured videos.

The other pages of the website should look like "infographics", with words supporting them. It's hard to see in my "drawing", but the words between Employers and Candidates on the "About You" page are meant to be like "cloud tags", with the phrases that tend to show up the most from my clients are the largest on the page. Most often from employers to least often are: Recently Funded, Growth Expectations, Revenue Goal, Need to Build Sales Team, New Territory, Turnover/Attrition, New Product.
Most often heard from candidates, still on the "About You" page, are:
Career Growth, New Challenge, Territory Changed, Wants Bigger Territory,Getting Bored, Product Doesn't Work, More Money, Lack of Resources, Unreasonable Expectations from Management.

The "About You" page depicts a "social network" illustration at the bottom of the page, with the people closest to the logo becoming less and less. The top of the page has typical open sales position. (The word "acceptance" should be written like a signature.

The "What We Do" and "How We Do it Pages" are pretty self explanatory. I need to be able to put text next to the QUOTA acronym.

"Contact Page" is straight forward and simple.

See the website for how I'd like my blog pages to be designed.

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