iPad / iPhone e-Learning app design for kids 9-11


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This contest has finished. Congratulations to the winning designer Antoine Delorean !

Contest title


iPad / iPhone e-Learning app design for kids 9-11


Design the main screens of the app for the iPhone and the iPad

Background information


App users will be kids between 9 and 11... and their parents, who will be in charge of fine tuning the exercices automatically pushed to the childs and of some other settings. App buyers will be the parents. We are talking education... but we don't want to be boring. Let's design an engaging, lifefull and informal interface!

Brand Name

iTooch by Edupad

Brief Summary

EduPad is an editor of elearning solutions for children. EduPad is a startup that will launch in T4-2010, using the design that we'll get through the current design contest. iTooch (designed thanks to another 99design contest) is the name of the app and the name of a character used to give life to the app (see it here: http://www.iTooch.com ).

Content details


Through this contest, we want to get the main pages of the app designed, both for iPhone and iPad. 2 SCREEN RESOLUTION TO BE DESIGNED (in portrait AND landscape mode): - 320 x 480 for iPhone (3.5") - 1.024 x 768 for iPad (9.7") ************************************************************************************ IMPORTANT: The detailed requirements of the pages to design are in the 1006-iTooch_functional_overview.pdf file. ************************************************************************************ The pages must be usable both in landscape and in portrait mode (you might want to adapt the design accordingly, especially to take advantage of the iPad's large screen). A very very basic mockup can be viewed here : http://www.explolab.com/iTooch/mockup The iTooch character and logo are here: http://www.itooch.com/, original files can be downloaded. We are impatient to see your designs, guys!