Help Studio120 with a new website design

Jon.kowalsky picked a winning design in their web page design contest. For just $1,500 they received 43 designs from 10 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Help Studio120 with a new website design


The studio is an independent music community for artists to generate revenue and fans to discover new music

Background information

Organization or website name


Description of the website and its target audience

The studio is an independent music community for artists to generate revenue and fans to discover new music. Artist profiles act as an ecommerce platform in which artists can generate revenue from physical products, individual sales, and music subscriptions. Fans are able to act as music promoters by getting a sharing commission doing what they love, which is sharing new music with their friends. As a fan, when you like a song that song becomes available in your profile page and then you can sell to all of your friends for a 5% resell commission. And artists use cause marketing for their music with 1.20% of every purchase being donated to help fund music education programs in our schools.


Entertainment & The Arts

Existing website to reference

Visual style

Inspirational websites

    simplicity and easy-to-follow nature
    symbols which signify the various things you can do, whether its messaging or friends the symbols used make it very apparent what everything does; this will be critical for our pages as we will have a lot of capabilities and there should be clear symbolism which relays each thing the user can do.
    visually appealing and engaging website, which I feel is able to really help maintain traffic, especially for an entertainment company. There large display for featured artists makes the presence really impactful, may be cool to have similar idea.
    effective integration of visual media and an easily navigated interface. In terms of music players rhapsody and Pandora I feel have the best players because they are simple and easy to use.
  • bonnaroo website 2011
    I really like how they made it look very artsy yet still clean, Ive pasted their logo from then in attachment to give an idea.

Content details

Number of pages needed


Page descriptions

The homepage should describe what the company does, show featured artists, search for artists, and areas for artists and fans to signup for the services. The goal of the homepage is to get the users excited about the sites mission and about signing up with the platform.
The second page is the profile page. This page should have various standard features that profile pages have for music artists, such as a place for their music, videos, message, bio, and lists of favorite artists. The most important thing with this profile page is that each of these features have a very clear symbol which signifies each of these actions.
The final page is a music subscription player and this should enable users to search for artists by various genres, play the artists of their choosing, scroll through various selections, and have recommendations for various songs to listen to that are similar to the current one they are listening to.
Each of these pages should have an artistic design yet still have a very clean look. Also, more information is providing in the attached documents.

What to avoid

Bing- The whole interface is so complicated looking that I have spent maybe a few minutes on it once. I just feel like the site looks cluttered and confusing. When a provider is trying to provide an innovative idea, like bing or STUDIO120, I feel its crucial that the site be as simplistically laid out and easy to follow as possible.
Reverbnation- like for all the products and services they offer, yet I feel their site layout can be confusing and overwhelming, and many times I navigate away just because the interface is too complex looking.

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