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FantasyData picked a winning design in their web page design contest. For just $1,499 they received 94 designs from 15 designers.

Here’s a peek at the client’s brief

Contest title


Help with a new website design



Background information

Organization or website name

Description of the website and its target audience provides world class data feeds of NFL scores, stats and other content. (NFL stands for National Football League)

Our audience consists of individual software developers, startups and established software companies looking to build NFL based websites and/or mobile applications.

In summary, the primary target audience is software developers and professionals who work with software developers.



Existing website to reference

Visual style

Inspirational websites

    This is one of my favorite websites out there. You can clearly learn what they do within seconds. They also have a modern look & feel that looks great regardless of what resolution you are using. The imagery and content command the visitors' trust.
    Another one of my favorite websites. They paint a clear message of "what they do." The iPhone imagery grabs people's attention as well. I imagine that our website will look a lot like this, but with maybe more background imagery of
  • has great branding that makes the user feel confident. They also tell the user exactly what they do immediately.
    Shopify has a great brand and they show users that they can easily create an e-commerce website today.
    Same deal with the other websites on here. Clear message, modern design, etc.

Content details

Number of pages needed


Page descriptions

The primary goal of the homepage is to inform visitors of "what we do" within 3 seconds - we need to pass that 3 second test. All the examples of websites that I like pass the 3 second test. This is also known as a single page website.

I am open to ideas, but the image I have in my head is an iPhone on the right-hand side of the screen that lists fantasy football leaders with Fantasy Points (i.e. Ray Rice 35.5, Adrian Peterson 29.6, Cam Newton 28.9, Ryan Matthews 26.2, Aaron Rodgers 25.6). To enhance the visuals, I'd like to also include team logos/colors with the players names.

So, with an iPhone on the right-hand side showing a mobile app with fantasy leaders, we now need to show the text of our message. I feel that the best text we can show would be something like the following:

"NFL data feeds for your website or mobile application"
"Add relevant NFL scores & stats to your website in minutes"
"Get started now for $39/year"

I think this gets the message across in 3 seconds provided the visitor knows what a data feed is. If we want to spell this out more in imagery, then we can always use some XML imagery somewhere in the homepage. Maybe XML can be transforming into the iPhone showing the NFL mobile application. If this can be pulled off while maintaining a sense of simplicity, then that would be a huge plus.

One final thing to include is a Call to Action. The main thing we want users to do is Sign Up for a developer's license. I don't know the best verbiage for this. Feel free to be creative with this.

What to avoid

We do NOT need the Facebook plugin or the Contact Us link. We also do NOT want to keep the main banner image on the homepage. Also, please do not make an effort to include 3 paragraphs of text at the bottom of the page. The NFLData news ticker can remain, but it should be below the primary message of the homepage. We don't want to distract the user from clicking on the call to action.

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